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    .:How To Raise Levels:.


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    .:How To Raise Levels:. Empty .:How To Raise Levels:.

    Post  Ru360 on 2/2/2009, 8:29 pm

    **All users keep track of their character's levels... (Please no cheating!)**

    1. Remember that your character starts out with the "base stats" and starts out at level 1.

    2. If you gain a level by roleplaying (every 5 posts, with that character), your character will have all of it's stats increase by 1.

    3. All posts counted must have that character in it, not just it being in your signature. This means that all non-roleplay posts do not count towards your post count for that character, even if you have it in your siggy...

    4. However, if you are roleplaying in the 'Location' section of the site, the small tag you see under the area's description will raise that particular stats by that indicated number instead of 1 when you reach five posts. (For example, you make five posts with your character in Sei Island, which says '+2 to Loyalty', and then you raise each stat, except for Loyalty, of that character by 1 and add 2 to Loyalty instead.

    5. Also, in the 'Location' area, once you start roleplaying in one area you must complete 5 full posts before you can leave that area.

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