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    The Great Speed Demon Race (PM me before joining.)


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    The Great Speed Demon Race (PM me before joining.) Empty The Great Speed Demon Race (PM me before joining.)

    Post  Ru360 on 3/6/2009, 2:02 pm


    It was a cool, calm night. Not a cloud was in the sky and the distant lights of the city shined beautifully. -Well... To most people anyways. On the top of a cliff just outside of the small, somewhat seaside city, a large yellow cat with an ever seemingly changing pattern of spots stood. As he snorted, a small cloud of visible air floated up. "So I heard this is where 'The Fastest Thing Alive' lives..." The big cat murmured before snorting another small cloud out of his nose. "Meh, even if I don't find the true blue here I should be able to find another super fast opponent.. -That I will obviously beat." A small smirk spread itself against the cheetah's lips. Then in an amazing display of speed, and a yellow blur, he jumped off of the cliff and ran down and over to the city in mid air...

    ((Rules: If you want to join you must PM me, and you can only use one character of the speed type and that character cannot leave this zone at anytime. So they must be free from other RP's. Also, only four other people can join this RP. Also, I'll be randomly changing who's in what place when it's my turn. Why? So it's fair to others. Also, if you mess up the posting order you'll be disqualified. So onto said posting order!

    Ru: 1
    ?: 2
    ?: 3
    ?: 4
    ?: 5))

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