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    My Lame Quiz Oh Doom! Empty My Lame Quiz Oh Doom!

    Post  Ru360 on 24/7/2009, 8:06 am

    I got bored...

    1. Welcome to my lame quiz! Tell me, what do you like to do in your free time?!

    A) I like to help others. But then again, I do that everyday now! *Chuckles slightly*
    B) It depends... But usually I'm hanging out with my friends.
    C) Drink my beer... Probably sit outside and look at the clouds.... Hey, I don't really have much to do!
    D) Ride around town. -Just as long as I don't crash... >-<;;;
    E) I like to hang out with my friends and do stuff... -Like go to a local amusement park. I also like to play with my little sister and I like to make my feminine friends laugh... ^_^;;;
    F) Bother my best friend with spammy emails. Very Happy (Whoa. Deja vu.) Also, I like to... MESS WITH MY COMPUTER!!!!!
    G) Sing.
    H) *Shrugs* Check up on my system and make sure everything's running perfectly. (Lol. Tech talk)
    I) Challenge random strangers (And some friends) to a fight.
    J) Well I don't like fainting that's for sure! Normally I just wander around and hunt demons...
    K) *Cough* Play video games... *Cough*

    2. How fascinating! Tell me, what do you do to relax?

    A) Go into my room and sleep. Or maybe talk to one of my coworkers...
    B) Read, watch the news, sleep, talk with my friends over the phone... Either one of those really.
    C) Go outside with a cold drink and look at the clouds.
    D) It's either sleep or cuddle up next to my girlfriend...
    E) Play with my little sister, watch tv, or I take a nap....
    F) Sit at my computer or watch tv.
    G) *Shrugs* I usually sleep on the couch.
    H) Sleep...
    I) I beat up a dummy that's in my room.
    J) I sleep.....Is that the only answer here?
    K) ....I never relax....

    3. Well that was boring! Which of these traits best characterizes you?

    A) Courageous yet calculating (I don't go rushing into a battle like a certain wolf...).
    B) Misunderstood, hated, cold but friendly, loyal, brave, fearsome, arrogant... I could go on. (Deja vu)
    C) I'm a lone wolf... -Except, I'm not exactly a wolf....
    D) Sweet, caring, tough, loyal... Some people say I'm a bit of an idiot... But hey, brains don't usually get a girl's heart.
    E) Kind, friendly, caring, loyal, enjoys joking around and making friends laugh.
    F) Insane, fun-loving, sky's the limit kinda person, gets bored waaay to easily! (IAMNOTBLUR! XD)
    G) Solitary, calm, blank, rude...
    H) Calculating, emotionless, caring...
    I) A rough and tough street fighter with lots of determination and stubbornness. What? I am.
    J) Not very social, I kinda keep to myself, and I hate one of my roommates...
    K) It sounds like we're trying to get a date. But I guess I can say I'm cold hearted, determined, calculating (Unlike everybody), and anti-social....

    4. O-kaaay.... That last answer scares me... Anywhos~ Now for the oh-so-famous "WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR" question!

    A) Green, black and gold!
    B) Blue.
    C) Black and purple. (Lol. Emo colors)
    D) Black, grey, and red.
    E) I don't have a favorite... I like them all....
    F) Silver, white, and blue!
    G) Electric Blue and Dark Green.
    H) I'm colorblind...
    I) Peach and green....
    J) Anything that's in the blue to purple range...
    K) I don't have a favorite... Picking one is just plain stupid...

    5. Okay... So what would you do if you saw someone you really care about being beaten up by a bully?

    A) Debate about the situation and means of approaching the bully then rush in and help my friend.
    B) Go into a blind fury and murder the bully. Then shake the blood off of my hands and carry my beaten friend back home.
    C) Pick him up by the throat and throw him into a wall. Nobody hurts my pal! (Pal? WTH?)
    D) Rush in and help my lover out. She'll probably help with the wounds later...
    E) Rush in and bite the bully's arm. Nobody hurts my little sister and gets away with it!
    F) Freak out and rush in to at least distract him. Hopefully my friend will come back and help me not die....
    G) Growl and storm over to the bully then punch him across the face with my fist. Usually I'll deal with him long enough until my friend gets to safety.
    H) Calmly approach said bully and stun him with a -mostly- harmless electrical shock.
    I) Approach the bully, tap on his shoulder, then punch him really hard in the face, gut, and anywhere else that'd probably really hurt...
    J) Rush over with my giant sword and smack him across the head with it... Hopefully it will knock him out and not cut off his head...
    K) Shrug and walk away. Why should I care?

    6. If you had a super power; what would it be?

    A) Force field generation!
    B) Chaos Control.
    C) Power mimicry. *Chuckles evilly*
    D) Super strength!
    E) Super speed and Cyrokinesis!
    F) Chronokinesis and reality warping! *Laughs evilly then chokes on her own spit*
    G) Cyrokinesis and Electrokinesis.
    H) Technokinesis and Memory Manipulation.
    I) I don't really have a power... Although super strength would be nice...
    J) I don't really have one either... Why do you think I have a giant sword?!
    K) I kinda have the same powers as a certain blue hedgehog... But I usually prefer firearms instead...

    7. What's your favorite species of animal? Razz

    A) Porcupine!
    B) Wolf experiment!
    C) Hybrid.
    D) Grey Wolf.
    E) Husky!
    F) Mountain Lion/Arctic Wolf hybrid...
    G) Hedgefox...
    H) A robotic animal called a "Khimera"...
    I) Cat!
    J) Hedgecat.
    K) A ******* hedgehog....

    8. Okay, the person manning the K answers seems to be in a bad mood.... So what do you do to cheer someone up?

    A) Give them my jelly beans, or repeatedly whack myself with my staff... I still have a giant bump on my head when I was trying to cheer up one of my coworkers... (Wonder which one?)
    B) Hm.... Well, I usually give them a big bear hug. But if they're still in a bad mood I try tickling them. Or I might start to try playing a game with them.... Sometimes I might even start to amusingly hurt myself in comical matters. But if that fails, I usually try to get them to talk about it. If they don't well... I just give them some space and go into the next room...
    C) Try to get them to talk about it and offer them a drink. And no, it's not always beer.
    D) Try to see if they'll talk about it then give them some advice.
    E) Start joking around and see if they'll laugh.
    F) Just start acting insane and funny and see if they'll stop being depressed and start either laughing or nervously walking out of the room. But hey, sometimes I might try to pry the pain out of them with regular talking...
    G) I sigh and roll eyes annoyed-ly then try to get them to talk. However, if they go beyond five minutes I stop listening to their until I'm certain they're done. Hopefully they'll feel better and I don't have to give some advice.
    H) Try to get them to talk and if they don't want to then leave. If they don't want to talk about it then they don't want to talk about it.
    I) Give them a good smack across the back of their head and tell them to spill their problems out. I'm not really one for sitting their begging them to talk about it. Then again; I still don't listen to most of the conversation anyways....
    J) Stare and pity them. I can't do much about it anyways....
    K) Nothing but glare at them viciously.... Maybe they'll shut their traps and get back to work...

    9. ...Like I said. Anywho, let's not let him spoil our fun. What would you do if you found yourself in front of a thirty-foot tall monster?

    A) Freak out and run!
    B) Swear quietly to yourself then try to fight. If all else fails, FLEE FOR YOUR LIFE!
    C) Glare at it and see if I can convince it to leave via telepathically. If that fails, then I fight it and see if I can drive it back TO WHENCE IT CAME!
    D) Try to fly away even though you aren't a bird.
    E) Faint.
    F) I'd tame the vicious creature and send it on random strangers. I love to see people freak out and run around like insects.
    G) Either freeze it or electrocute it and walk away calmly. Since it's been stopped in it's tracks maybe the SWAT team will take care of it...
    H) Try to scare it away. Maybe it's a big scaredy cat...
    I) Gawk at with fear. There's no way I can beat this thing into a pulp....
    J) Scream and run or faint. Demon or not I'm too scared to fight!
    K) Groan and approach it. Then I'd either pull out my gun and shoot it in the leg or teleport it away.

    10 and a half. Okay, I'm glad that's over. But wait, it's a really fat dude named Eggman!!! How do you react?!

    All) WHAT THE ****?!

    Okay, the real 10. How do you react when you see an epic pair of shoes?

    All) *Glare viciously*

    Sorry, here's the official ten. What did you think of this quiz?

    1 *A, B, C, D, E, F, & J*) It was fun.
    2 *G, H, & I*) It was lame...
    3 *K*) What the **** is wrong with your ******* brain?!

    If you picked mostly A's, you're Jeriko the Porcupine.
    If you picked mostly B's, you're Ru the Genetically Designed Wolf.
    If you picked mostly C's, you're Jake the Hybrid.
    If you picked mostly D's, you're Mike the Grey Wolf.
    If you picked mostly E's, you're Ace the Husky.
    If you picked mostly F's, you're Lauren (Aka, the author of this quiz) the Mountain Lion/Arctic Wolf Hybrid! (And believe me, being me is a punishment worse then death.)
    If you picked mostly G's, you're Comet the Hedgefox.
    If you picked mostly H's, you're Circe the Khimera.
    If you picked mostly I's, you're Shadowtail the Cat.
    If you picked mostly J's, you're Jesse the Hedgecat.
    If you picked mostly K's, you're Savage the Hedgehog.

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