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    um...hi?:D Empty um...hi?:D

    Post  shyrarocker on 19/10/2010, 5:53 pm

    Hi,um,im shyrarocker,and it's nice too meet you!
    im on a few fourms,and i really like to rp.
    So MM me if you want too~ Exclamation
    i'll most likely say yes.
    anyways,i like a few things,like manga,anime,drawing,and such.
    my favorite anime/manga is Fullmetal Alchemist.
    (because ed's the SHIZNIT xD)
    i like to draw alot,and i guess i can take request,if ya want:D

    and,that's pretty much it.
    oh,and i have a tinierme,Facebook,and all that jazz.
    and i I love you how to train your dragon.
    THAT MOVIE'S AWESOME Exclamation I love you Exclamation I love you

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