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    -Basic Info-

    Full Name:Jordan

    Meaning/Definition:Cute one

    Nickname(s):N/A (hates being given nicknames)





    Weight:N/A (he's never checked)

    Ability Type(s):Chaos

    Marital Status:Single

    Date of Birth/Creation:20 march 1993 A.S



    Occupation: Mercenary

    Alignment: Depends

    Special Attack(s):

    Abilities:Super speed,super acrobatics,Chaos powers and the ability to create any weapon in his hands

    Hobbies & Talents:

    Forms:Hyper( gives god like speed, strength and invincibility but his mind is lost to the evil and he goes berserk and insane (achieved by removing limiter rings)) and super (gives super streangth(is achieved with 7 chaos emeralds))

    Weaknesses:Is blind in left eye and has aspergers

    -Personal Facts-

    Friends:Amy rose

    Rivals:Non yet

    Enemies:Non yet

    Known relatives:Father-killed by insane Jordan
    Mother-killed by a badnik

    Likes/Favorite activities:
    Running and pistachio nuts

    Dislikes/Least favorite activities:things being thrown to/ at him, spiders, heights and climbing ladders

    Theme Song(s):N/A

    Favorite Food:Pistachio nuts

    Favorite Drink: Apple juice

    Favorite color(s):Red and black

    Personality:Friendly, careing but gullible unfortunately

    -Physical Appearance-

    Fur Color:Blue- black

    Skin Color:Peach

    Eye Color:Blue

    Quill Info:

    Hair:flat and pointed like quills his fringe is a flat sheet over his left (blind) eye

    Nose:like a hedgehogs

    Ears:small and pointy


    Other bodily features:distnctive long canines that show when he smiles (a one sided grin the only thin seeable on the left side of his face)and a chaos shard stuck in his forehead

    Attire: Longish black coat, black gloves and trousers with black shoes


    Items & Weapons:any he creates


    Backstory: Jordan is a mouse raised by his clan. After his mother was killed by a swatbot. He was the best fighter in the village strong and fast but blind in his left eye. He had an instant ability to fight with any weapon although not brilliantly until taught a proper technique.

    When he was 12 he was accepted into the clan the youngest ever to do so since the age of acceptance is usually 16. He taken to do the ritual of acceptance in the light of the chaos shard the clan’s holy artefact, a large shard of chaos stone that was left over from the creation of the chaos emeralds. As was the custom in the clan he held the shard against his head and chanted. “Oh shard grant me power, grant me strength.” Then the shard which was pressed against his head forced its self into Jordan’s forehead and a force field erupted from him throwing all present backwards.

    As they got up the clan saw Jordan was taller by about ¾ of a foot being nearly 3’5 now. His eyes glowed with a fire and his abilities far surpassed those he had, had before.

    The clan immediately praised the shard for they believed Jordan had become Fadade (fa-daa-de) there god. Unfortunately Jordan had been consumed by the power of the sharp and become maniacal and sadistic. He protected the clan for a few months before all traces of the man he’d been disappeared and he turned on the clan forcing them to be his slaves and taking pleasure in torturing them, this caused a group of warriors to try and contact a technologically more advanced clan i.e. the mongoose tribe for a solution 4 years later a mongoose came by with what the tribe had been able to develop a leather limiter band to stop most of Jordan’s power since the shard had been attached to Jordan too long and had fused entirely. The second best warrior (Jordan’s own father Aurock) got the limiter on but Jordan noticed him and summoned a sword stabbing Aurock in the stomach. His ties to all people lost as he viewed them as worthless Jordan went on a rampage killing the entire clan the limiter slowly drained his power. The limiter sucked just enough power from Jordan to give him back his self awareness. Jordan had just stabbed the elder as his mind came back. His first memory was of his sword in the elder’s chest, as he withdrew his sword Jordan fell to his knees crying into his hands.

    1. Sometimes Jordan is called the hedgy he’s actually a mouse but is often mistaken for a hedgehog because of his spiky hair like Amy’s but his fringe is styled over his left eye to cover it.

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