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    The Kyuubi Within (Ice's Story)


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    The Kyuubi Within (Ice's Story) Empty The Kyuubi Within (Ice's Story)

    Post  Ru360 on 23/2/2009, 1:25 pm

    [Chapter 1: Beginning...]

    It was a cold and breezy day in December. A blue wolf named Deameon and his dad, Rijius, waited outside a room while his mother, Savista, helped his aunt. They were waiting for his cousin to be born...

    After about a few minutes of waiting, cries came from the room. And after that, a doctor opened the door and smiled at them. Mr. Rijius gave a nod walked in after the doctor while Dea followed behind at his ankles. Savista was frowning at the aunt as another doctor held a beautiful dark blue and light blue fox, with a pure white muzzle and tummy and two wonderful small little tails. "What happened?" Rijius questioned in confusion. The doctor sighed and handed the fox to the Savista. "I'm sorry, but she died giving birth to your nephew." He said sadly. Rijius sighed. "Sakinaka..." His wife walked over and put her hand onto his shoulder. "It will be okay, honey. I'm sure she wanted to see her son. But we'll take care of him, won't we?" She asked, showing a soft smile at her husband. Rijius nodded and took the blue fox from his wife. "What should we name him?" He asked, giving his wife a soft smile. The female wolf smiled at him too and was about to say something until she noticed Dea jumping up and down in an attempt to see his cousin. "I think your son wants to see him." She said giving the crimson wolf another soft smile. "But of course." Rijius said with a smile as he keeled down to show the wolf his cousin. "Wow." Dea murmured as he stroked his cousin's short, soft fur. The fox then opened his eyes and looked up at the blue wolf. "Hi there." Dea said as smiled at the blue fox, rubbing the small fluff on his head. The fox then giggled as Dea too laughed. Rijius and his wife smiled at each other then at the two of them. "Looks like they're going to be great friends aren't they?" She questioned softly. "Yeah." Rijius replied.

    ((Warning. This is a very old story and I made it when I still had bad grammar. XD I came across it on my old laptop and I'm currently rewriting it. So yah, please enjoy the random plot.))

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