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    The Ying-Yang Pieces Come Together In One Hedgewolf: Rhade. [Closed due to lack of interest.]


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    The Ying-Yang Pieces Come Together In One Hedgewolf: Rhade. [Closed due to lack of interest.]

    Post  Ru360 on 3/3/2009, 9:35 am

    ((I should use that title for his story. Very Happy Anyways...))

    The blue wolf sighed and put down the hedgewolf who was squirming against her grasp, then she started to walk away from him. Not abandoning him or anything... Just... Trying to get away from him...

    The wolf then looked back as the dark blue hedgewolf stood up, then gave another sigh and looked away. Maybe an oncoming car would appear soon... Wait, no... It wouldn't actually harm her... The wolf then gave another disappointed sigh and clenched her hand. She couldn't ever hurt anything up here... Despite all the yells from the humans from when she last lived here in 1998. In fact... This place was always an anti-anthro town until 2005... In their world timeline at least....

    The wolf then gave another groan and unsheathed her claws. She couldn't damage anything here... Samson, and the president, warned her about destroying anything here. The wolf then gave a nervous gulp, then sighed. There wasn't anything against harming herself was there? The wolf then looked back and Rhade and took a few steps away from him. Considering he was Shade's 'son'. He also might've had his personality... But no matter... She was a perfect example of an emo... She hated herself... This world... Her life... Shade at times... Nothing else was blamed... Except Samson. The wolf then took another sigh and raised her clawed hand... What would she harm first?

    ((You know... Ru's a very angsty character... I wonder if... Everytime I feel guilt, depression, anger, or something like that... I more channel it to Ru then deal with it... Poor Ru... Anyways! Not all is bad though! She's got good friends and a much better life now! Sorta...))

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