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    New Music?


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    New Music? Empty New Music?

    Post  Ru360 on 5/3/2009, 7:27 pm

    Yeah, you know the big, annoying music player up above on the homepage? Of course you do...

    Anyways, eventually people are gonna get annoyed with the current selection of music... So I've decided to put this up so everybody has a chance to hear their own favorite music on the site! (As long as it doesn't have a lot of swear words. Kids come to this site ya know?) Anyways, choose the song and wait for it to show up!

    BTW, the music player is updated once every two weeks, and if I choose one of your songs that month and it's up on the music player, you will be awarded 30 rings! Why? Because I like awarding Rings...

    So let the songs roll!


    There's a total of 24 songs on the list.. So there's a good chance you'll get those 30 Rings. Wink

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