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    Post  Ru360 on 2/2/2009, 7:38 pm

    Hello, and welcome to the rules part of the site. Although I am usually a fun-loving and crazy person, I want to make sure people read the main rules. These I wanna make sure you follow. That way, we can all be friends and everything on the site can run smoothly. Agreed? Good. Let's start.

    1. No Swearing. Doing stuff like, #@^&*$^, using your own words like, "CHEESE AND BREAD", doing your own little filters like *Bleeeeeeep*, or using one of our site's deities names for a swear like how we would normally yell, "god!" is fine.

    2. No "mature" stuff. Everything, is to be on an almost PG rate. Although, we'll still include stuff like weapons and blood; we don't want this site to be an R rated site. So we'll usually be in the PG/PG-13 range. Please do remember that some kids may come to this site.

    3. Please use real words. No g2g things... Those you can do in the Gossip and Chatter Section on the forums. But that is still not recommended..

    4. No controlling another player's character! You can't do anything to another character without permission. You especially can't kill them! Though, there is no limit to Sonic the Hedgehog and co. So you can use them without permission.

    5. No god-moding! Sure .:Random Event:. is a god-mod, but they are a special case. Normally we would not like many god-mods on our site.

    6. Theft and Plagiarism is not allowed! Taking another's story, characters, art, or anything that you can think of (unless given permission) is against the rules! For that matter, you're highly likely to automatically be terminated from this site, seeing as how we do not put up with theft. If you're using something and have been given the okay, at least give the person credit or you'll still be taken out for theft/plagiarism.

    7. Flaming and other harassment isn't allowed! You don't need to be nasty to another player. Characters while roleplaying, sure, but leave your fellow players alone! If there is a disagreement between you and someone, either ignore it or bring it to one of the moderators to get some help. We'd like to keep everyone from hating on everyone, please?

    8. No Pity Parties! We don't like to hear about your whining and how horrible your life is. I'm sorry, but it can just get plain annoying.

    9. No Spam! We despise spam... Don't ramble in official threads or roleplay threads. If you want to just chat to someone, it can either be done through private messages, or you can talk as a group in the chatter thread. Yes, talk freely in the chatter thread, but still at times you might be careful. Posting just 'okay' in a thread? Not really the best of things to do. It's not really talking. But we're not going to kill you for that. Now if you make a fully out of character post in a roleplay zone, then you'll receive an official warning. We don't award people for asking, "Hey, are you ever going to reply?" that should be sent through a pm.

    10. Follow the lead of the original poster. As well as the rule we have set up, people are allowed to add additional rules to their roleplays, and thus you must follow those as well. If you join a thread where the original poster asked for only a certain type of character, you'd better use that character. If someone says to pm them before just jumping in, pm them and ask if you can join! If you're in the chatter area, you may post off-topic, only if the conversation is drifting away from the original topic anyway.

    11. One account per person! IP and behavior can give away your second account. If you're suspected of having a double account the admins can check through the different IP addresses you've used and see if you have the same as another user. Now this doesn't mean be afraid to have your sibling join you on the site. We'll be able to tell siblings from double account. Don't believe that we can find your double account? Well believe it.

    12. Signatures! Yeah. Those things. Seems that people want their signatures to take up a whole page, but we don't need to see every one of your characters and all their fanart. We would like for your signature to be no wider then 600 pixels, as then the page would stretch and things wouldn't look nice. How many characters or pets (from other websites) you can fit into that really depends on the image size, but I'd rather that you kept no more then two pets in there. With two pets you can also have up to four lines of text, and a banner or other image, so long as it's small. Dun stretch the pages! Stretch the pages and you'll get a warning.

    13. 2-Month Expired RolePlays! Linking to the spam rule above, don't bump any of your roleplaying topics, since you get Rings every time you post in a location area. Since a lot of people want to keep their characters busy and moving, it is now allowed to officially "end" a roleplay if it has not been replied to in the last two months or more. Don't want that old 2008-old topic anymore? Want your characters to be free? PM a moderator or admin and ask them to move the topic away; your characters shall be free to be roleplayed anywhere else, hence ending the roleplay you had. This will avoid getting your character stuck in old roleplays.

    14. Use At Least Three(3) Sentences! We don't expect everyone to make grand posts that are five paragraphs long. We just don't want you to leave the other roleplayer with nothing to reply to. We'd like for everyone to have a fun time, so put some creativity into those replies! We would also like it if those three sentences were on topic. <3

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