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    Character Info Meme! Empty Character Info Meme!

    Post  Ru360 on 16/3/2009, 7:20 pm

    Pick a character (of your's) and you will tell us the following*...

    01. Full name
    02. Best friend
    03. Sexuality
    04. Favorite color(s)
    05. Relationship status
    06. Ideal mate
    07. Odd Skills/Skills in general
    08. Last Amusing Escape
    09. Favorite food(s)
    10. Crush(es)
    11. Favorite music
    12. Biggest fear
    13. Biggest fantasy
    14. Quirks
    15. Bad habits
    16. Biggest regret(s)
    17. Best kept secret(s)
    18. Last thought
    19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
    20. Biggest insecurity

    ...*to the best of currently available knowledge... You may also only give “appears to be” explanations instead of the actual, real answers... which may or may not be different, similar, or the exact same thing. Razz Anywho, I'm gonna use Ru.

    01. Full name: Rubina Ace Wolf (Duh)

    02. Best friend: Hard to say. Shade?

    03. Sexuality: Hetero

    04. Favorite color(s): Blue & White. (Duh)

    05. Relationship status: Taken. (Duh)

    06. Ideal mate: Someone who completely understands her, someone who she'll never get into fights with, is fun to be around, is male, has charming eyes, is a fellow wolf*, has colors that go well with hers*, great personality, sense of humor, knows when to be serious, mature, must be kind, loyal, honest*, loving, sincere, affectionate, and caring, doesn't smoke or drink, is a bit of a big teddy bear*, handsome and attractive. (*Not usually required...)

    07. Odd Skills/Skills in general: Is bit of a Master of Found weaponry. Oh, and she is very annoying when she wants to be.

    08. Last Amusing Escape: Jumping out of a window and landing face first in a pie.

    09. Favorite food: Meat.

    10. Crush(es): (In order now) Daniel the Dog (Owned by me), Shadow the Hedgehog (Owned by SEGA), Michael the Wolf (Owned by me).

    11. Favorite music: Rock.

    12. Biggest fear: Escaping from GUN, being hunted down and destroyed by them...

    13. Biggest fantasy: Escaping GUN, living a non-Sheol-like life, and being best friends with Shade again.

    14. Quirks: Sentimental, moody, untrusting, terrified of spiders, quick to anger, destructive.

    15. Bad habits: Trying to cover Silver in BQ sauce, screaming her lungs out at Shade, being quick to anger, destructive...

    16. Biggest regret(s): Hurting her friends.

    17. Best kept secret(s): No. Idea.

    18. Last thought: (No idea if it's before death or most recent... Do whatever you want. I'm gonna with most recent.) "Why am I having trouble swimming...?"

    19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: Nothing comes to mind...

    20. Biggest insecurity: Is always fearful, but she doesn't like to show it.

    Your turn!

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