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    The OC Meme From Sheol! >XD


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    The OC Meme From Sheol! >XD Empty The OC Meme From Sheol! >XD

    Post  Ru360 on 17/3/2009, 11:26 am

    Another one of these memes. Pick 3 (Or one) character(s) and have fun! (By the way, this meme was created by Aya-Hiratasuka on DA. It just looked fun.)

    1. Who Are You?

    Ru: Ru Ace Wolf, the Genetically Designed "Failed" Experiment from G.U.A.. Nice to meet you.
    Jeriko: Jeriko the Porcupine!
    Rowena: Rowena Heartshadow, expert thief.

    2. How Old Are You?

    Ru: I'm 18 physically, but considering how long I've been living... 26.
    Jeriko: 15.
    Rowena: 16.

    3. Any Bad Habits?

    Ru: Erm... I've been told and known to be very destructive and quick to anger... And I accidentally swear a lot...
    Jeriko: Not that I can think of...
    Rowena: Stealing.

    4. Are You A Virgin?

    Ru: Currently.
    Jeriko: O///O Y-yes...
    Rowena: *Files her nails* Same as the other two...

    5. Who's Your Mate/Spouse?

    Ru: Michael~
    Jeriko: *Sighs and pulls out some flash cards* Lauren the Hybrid.
    Lauren: *Rushes over to hug Jeriko*
    Rowena: *Gives Jeriko and Lauren a weird look before replying...* Dea~ (Note: Deameon is Ru's brother. XD)

    6. Got Any Kids?

    All: In the future yes.

    7. Favorite Food?

    Ru: MEAT.
    Jeriko: Cheese burgers! *Noms on one*
    Rowena: Whatever I can steal.

    8. Kill Anyone?

    Ru: Let's see, Pain the Hedgehog, Hallie Roberts (Samuel's daughter), Nightmare the Shadow Wolf....
    Jeriko: You shouldn't talk about that stuff so casually, Ru...
    Rowena: Nope.

    9. Hate Anyone?

    Ru: Solace Frost and his ****** family! Minus Ozzy of course. I just love that little guy to bits.
    Jeriko: Not really...
    Rowena: My boss, Black Jack the Jack Rabbit...

    10. Any Secrets?

    Ru: *Growls* Get the bloody heck away from me...
    Jeriko: I was once a petty thief.
    Rowena: No. Not really...

    11. Love Anyone?

    Ru: Mike.
    Jeriko: *Sighs* No. *Sees Lauren glaring at him* Um... I believe we currently have a one-sided relationship here, L-Lauren...
    Rowena: Deameon.

    12. Ever Slept In All Day?

    Ru: Yeah, but later I got woken up by the sound of a gun firing... Stupid Samson...
    Jeriko: Maybe once or twice.
    Rowena: What Jerry said.
    Jeriko: DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!

    13. Eye Color?

    Ru: Dodger Blue.
    Jeriko: Office Green.
    Rowena: Bright Green.

    14. Hair Color?

    Ru: White. And I am not old!
    Jeriko:... Hair?
    Rowena: Black.

    15. Are you Fat, Average, or Slim?

    Ru: Average. Because I'm both slim and muscular at the same time. -Except I'm pretty slim as a human.
    Jeriko: Average.
    Rowena: Slim.

    16. Rain or Shine?

    Ru: I prefer non rainy weather.
    Jeriko: Shine.
    Rowena: Rain. Hides my scent from anyone who's trying to follow me.
    Ru: Is everything you answer gonna be like that?
    Rowena:... Maybe...

    17. Pool or Beach?

    Ru: Beach.
    Jeriko: Pool. I can't stand crabs and seaweed and sharks! Did you know they go berserk when they see the color yellow? It's true! I'm never wearing a yellow life vest again!
    Rowena: *Gives Jeriko another weird look* Beach...

    18. Camping or Home?

    Ru: Camping.
    Jeriko: Home.
    Rowena: Either's fine with me.

    19. Dog or Cat?

    Ru: Neither. I hate both cats, and domesticated canines. Although I'd be fine with another wild wolf like myself.
    Jeriko: Both. I'm good with either.
    Rowena: Not sure...

    20. What Do You Do To Relax?

    Ru: Read and listen to music.
    Jeriko: Pull up a couch and sleep.
    Rowena: Sit around and chat with friends.

    21. Car or Ship?

    Ru: Depends on where you're going.
    Jeriko: Car.
    Rowena: Car. Faster getaway.

    22. Got a Job?

    Ru: Yep. I work for G.U.A..
    Jeriko: Eaglegate member. I forgot what I was assigned though...
    Rowena: No. Unless you count "thief" as a job.

    23. Any Unusual Things About You?

    Ru:... Go ask Lauren, *****.
    Jeriko: Not really...
    Rowena: Nope.

    24. Boy or Girl?

    Ru: Is this our gender or what we prefer? 'Cause I'm a girl and I prefer boys.
    Jeriko: Boy and I prefer girls.
    Rowena: Same as Ru.

    25. Favorite Place?

    Ru: Capitol City Park.
    Jeriko: Mirage Desert and Eaglegate. *Shrugs*
    Rowena: Lower Central City.

    26. Any Last Words?

    Ru: This was boring. What a waste of my time. *Leaves*
    Jeriko: I'm hungry. *Leaves*
    Rowena: *Smirks* Give me all your wallets...

    Okay that was a bit boring... Now tag somebody and make them do this!

    Edit: Old post is oooollllldddd. O_o So I fixed it!

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