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    Character Obsession Meme! Empty Character Obsession Meme!

    Post  Ru360 on 17/3/2009, 12:34 pm

    Pick 7 Characters you obsess over. (This was created by Zilleniose on DA)

    1. Ru the Genetically Designed Wolf
    2. Jeriko the Porcupine
    3. Cecil the Leopard
    4. Benji the Hedgewolf
    5. Circe the Khimera (Khimeras belong to Baalsbaby of The Lands Of Evelon)
    6. Michael the Wolf
    7. Shadowtail the Cat

    (I just picked random characters. Lol.)

    So I see some pretty cool characters up there. Tell me, which one of them did you obsess over first? Which about your most recent?

    I think Ru was the one I obsessed over first... But now Jeriko's my most recent. And why? ...I find him cute...

    Which one do you think you spend the most time obsessing over? (IE: Drawing, writing fan fiction, playing games they're in, ect.)

    Ru. She was my first Sonic character, but she has now developed into her own, almost non-sonicy-like OC. Which makes her even more fun!

    Cool! Now, for something a little more personal... Which one would you marry? And why?

    Jeriko. 'Cause I've been obsessing over him, ever since I created him. XD That and he is pretty cute to me.

    How Sweet! Which one would be better in bed?

    ... I'm not gonna answer that one...

    Who do you think would be more apt to harm- or murder- you.

    Ru. Paws down. She's destructive and quick to anger. Not to mention it's my fault her life is a living Sheol.

    Now who would be better... in the kitchen?

    Ru. She's a wonderful cook and will make a delicious dish with almost anything you hand her!

    You just had a bad day. Which one would you like to see to make you feel better? Why?

    Jeriko. Or maybe Mike... Well, Jeriko's kind, caring, and relaxed. Mike's fun, caring, kind to females.... Yeah I'm not sure...

    Who do you think would make the best- and worst- study partner?

    Erm... Circe. She's got a robotic mind and could easily help me get an A+ in any subject. And the worst.... Cecil. He's blind and probably couldn't even hold a pencil without somehow injuring himself. That and he's mute as well... So he couldn't give me any answers.

    Oh snap! You're stranded on a island! Who do you take with you?

    Ru, cause she's got a internal compass, knows some survival skills, and is pretty strong. Mike cause he's strong as well. Circe cause she's also strong. Jeriko for comfort. And Shadowtail cause he's strong too. BTW, the strong people are good for building shelter and knocking down trees for food.

    You're watching a horror movie and something startles you. Who would be the first to grab your hand?


    Well, aliens decided to destroy the Earth. Who would have the best chance of saving the world?

    Ru. Cause everybody else isn't as strong as her and would probably die...

    Awesome! Now, two of them are suddenly dating! Who would be most compatible and why? Who would be least compatible?

    Ru and Michael cause they already are dating and are very compatible with each other. And the least... Cecil and Shadowtail. XD

    What are some things all of these characters have in common?

    They were all created by me.
    Almost all of them had something bad happen to them when they were little which made them who they are today. (Cecil was born mute and blinded by running with scissors. Mike's family died in a fire caused by GUN. Ru was beaten by GUN everyday when she was little, and was betrayed often too. Jeriko tried to help his sister with her illness and got his father arrested. Not to mention he kicked the rest of his family out and into the streets. His sister died that night in the cold...)

    Okay, it's over everybody. Now tag someone!

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