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    Random Character Meme! Empty Random Character Meme!

    Post  Ru360 on 17/3/2009, 5:30 pm

    I'm having a lot of fun with these. (Created and owned by TheEvilDuck of DA)

    Okay, here are the rules. Pick twelve characters, either yours or someone elses and answer the questions. Don't look at the questions until after you pick the characters. No cheating Wink

    1. Ru
    2. Jeriko
    3. Samuel
    4. Circe
    5. Cecil
    6. Shane
    7. Arian
    8. Shadowtail
    9. Michael
    10. Savage
    11. Lake
    12. Mitzi

    1. 6 (Shane), 7 (Arian), and 8 (Shadowtail) all go out to dinner. Where do they go, what do they eat, and who pays?

    Hrm... They go to Melting Pot, eat fondue (Duh), and all of them can't afford to pay for it so they wash the pots afterwards. XD

    2. 12 (Mitzi) and 9 (Mike) go on a date, where do they go, how does it go?

    Oh Zaire... First off, I think they to some nearby hill to watch the sunset. And how it goes.... Ru comes over to complain to Mike about Shade, finds Mitzi, throws Mitzi off a cliff and she starts to strangle Mike. >XD Yeah, it wouldn't go very well if Ru gets jealous.

    3. 4 (Circe) and 6 (Shane) have a daughter, what’s her name, what is she like?

    Oh awesome. She would be a cyborg-like hedgehog with two metallic, clawed tails, glowing, bright yellow eyes, white and black streaks, and big, metallic arms. How cool~

    4. 2 (Jeriko) has an embarrassing question for 9 (Michael), what is it about?

    Ru most likely. But what about Ru, I'm not sure. DX

    5. 4 (Circe) and 5 (Cecil) are arguing, what is it about?

    Cecil... Can't... Speak...

    6. You ask 7 (Arian) what the best movie they ever saw was, what is their answer?

    No clue.

    7. If 11 (Lake) was deathly ill, how does 2 (Jeriko) react, what does eleven have to say to 10 (Savage)?

    Let's see.

    Lake: Savage?
    Savage: *Growls* What?
    Lake: I want a waffle.
    Jeriko: A waffle? What the heck?!
    Savage: She has brain problems.
    Lake: *Is noming on Savage's jacket*

    8. 10 (Savage) gets into a fight, where was it, who was it with, and who won?

    The fight was in GUN, it was with Ru, and Samson won. XD

    9. Who would make a better teacher, 12 (Mitzi) or 4 (Circe)?

    Gah. I don't know... Mitzi works with Eggman and Circe is a mechanical cat thing. So..... Circe. Cause she's part computer. XD

    10. 1 (Ru) and 8 (Shadowtail) are on a quest for something, what is it?

    The Mystical Fury Gloves of Ultimate Strength!* (*Made up by me.)

    11. 8 (Shadowtail) and 10 (Savage) have an agreement, who is the brain and who is the brawn? What do they achieve?

    Savage is the brain, S.T. is the brawn. And they achieve... an all expenses paid vacation to Planet Pickle! (Formally known as "Pluto".)

    12. 3 (Samuel) must work for 11 (Lake), what do they have to do?

    Poor Samuel has to get Lake everything she blurts out. Unfortunately, all he gets her is Coffee which makes her even more insane.

    13. What can 5 (Cecil) do to scare 8 (Shadowtail)?

    Get his parents. XD

    14. What would happen in a fan fiction where 9 (Michael) kidnaps 8 (Shadowtail), 7 (Arian) and 4 (Circe) team up to get him/her back, and 12 (Mitzi) has stolen something very precious from 2 (Jeriko)?

    Oh. My. Pie. Well let's see... GUN brainwashed Mike to get to Ru and kill her. Meanwhile, Ru was with Shadowtail at the time. Mike then appeared and hit Ru with a ray gun that was supposed to kill her- instead it took away her powers. Shadowtail started to attack Mike but failed and was K.o'd. Samson then ordered Mike to grab Shadowtail and take him back for brainwashing. Later, Arian and Circe, who Arian had ran into not very long ago, come across a wounded Ru- as she got hit by a car- and help her to her feet. The wolf coughs weakly and tells them what happened, then faints again. Circe and Arian look at each other confusedly and go ahead to GUN. Meanwhile, Jeriko was walking around Emerald Town and was suddenly ambushed by Mitzi. Mitzi steals his quill rings and flies off. Jeriko angrily growls at the cat, then goes to get a airplane. He later flies off and soon arrives at Eggman's flying fortress. They fight for a bit, then Jeriko falls onto the controls and makes the fortress crash into GUN. Everybody inside escape with minor injuries and the shock snaps Mike- and Shadowtail- back to normal. He, along with Circe and Arian, then go back to find Ru. Meanwhile, Jeriko cheers happily, then leaves to go get something to eat. The end.

    15. Who does 8 (Shadowtail) choose to help him/her, 2 (Jeriko), 11 (Lake), or 5 (Cecil)?

    Jeriko. Cause Lake is insane and Cecil is blind and mute.

    16. 3 (Samuel) has a great idea cheer up 12 (Mitzi), what is it?

    He gives her coffee, then gets captured by Eggman.

    17. Why is 12 (Mitzi) mad at 8 (Shadowtail)?

    Because he "accidentally" beat up Eggman.

    18. 1 (Ru) walks in on 3 (Samuel) and 5 (Cecil) making out, what happens next?

    Ru faints, Cecil "screams" until his face turns blue, and Samuel wakes up, then throws Cecil out the window because he thought he was kissing his wife. XD

    19. 5 (Cecil) needs a place to crash for a few days, who do they stay with 12 (Mitzi) or 8 (Shadowtail)?

    Shadowtail. Because Shadowtail keeps helping him out. XD That and Shadowtail's parents invited him over.

    20. If 6 (Shane) had to, who would they entrust with their safety, 2 (Jeriko), 3 (Samuel), or 4 (Circe)?


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