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    That- Meme- Character- Thing... TT^TT Empty That- Meme- Character- Thing... TT^TT

    Post  Ru360 on 17/3/2009, 7:49 pm

    1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
    2. Make them answer the following questions.
    3. Then tag three people.
    4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!


    Ru the Genetically Designed Wolf: Hello.
    Jeriko the Porcupine: Hi.
    Arian the Wolf-tailed Hedgehog: I'M NOT A HYBRID!!!
    Savage the Biogenetic Hedgehog: *Growls* Why the *bleep* am I here?
    Shadowtail the Cat: I was told this was a fighting competition. Where is the fighting?!

    Who/What are you?

    Ru: Rubina Ace Wolf, the Genetically Designed Wolf, at your service. (Catchphrase.)
    Jeriko: Jeriko! And I'm a porcupine...
    Arian: I'm Arian Adair. I'm a telekinetic hedgehog who was born with a wolf tail instead of the normal hedgehog one. What else could I be? A bagel?
    Savage: Savage... And I'm a hedgehog... *Turns to someone off screen* Can I go now?!
    ???: No!
    Savage: *Hisses at the person then pouts*
    Shadowtail: I'm Shadowtail Jetblack Cat, the local Central City street fighter!

    How old are you?

    Ru: 18 physically, but considering how long I've been living... 55.
    Everybody else except Savage: *Mouths drop open*
    Ru: What?!
    Jeriko/Shadowtail: 15.
    Arian: 16.
    Savage: 17 physically. Why should I bother keeping track on my real age?

    Want a hug?

    Ru: No! Creep...
    Jeriko: O_O||| Erm... No thank you...
    Arian: No.
    Savage: GET ME THE *bleep* *bleep* OUT OF HERE!!!
    Shadowtail: No. And I'll beat you up if you try.

    You got any bad habits?

    Ru: Haven't I listed this enough already? Go ask Laura...
    Jeriko: *Sighs* No.
    Arian: Throwing boxes at people when I get angered.
    Jeriko: Oh that reminds me, I turn into a werecupine when I get really enraged. So does that count as one?
    Savage: Swearing and killing people.
    Shadowtail: Beating people up and getting arrested by my parents...

    Are you a boy or a girl?

    Ru: I'm female. *Raises the edge of her eye at the person asking this question*
    Jeriko/Arian/Savage/Shadowtail: Guy.

    Do you have any brothers or sisters?

    Ru: 3 brothers. One's obsessed with ham, the other gets on my nerves a bit, and the third I look up to.
    Jeriko: I used to have a little sister...
    Arian: No. I'm an only child.
    Savage: *Hisses* I'm a *Bleep* experimental hedgehog! ZAIRE!
    Shadowtail: A little, very annoying, brother. *Gets arrested by his parents again* GAH!! WHAT DID I DO THIS TIME?!?!

    Are you a virgin?

    Everybody: O///O
    Ru: I... Don't... know...
    Jeriko: I'd rather not answer that...
    Arian:... I-... (Probably isn't gonna answer the next century)
    Savage: WHAT THE *Bleep* IS THIS?!?!
    Shadowtail: *Shakes his head*

    Who's your crush/mate/spouse?

    Ru: Michael~
    Jeriko: *Shrugs* Haven't found them yet...
    Arian: Mitzi.
    Savage: *Hisses*
    Shadowtail: Sasha.

    Do you have any kids?

    Ru: In the future... two.
    Jeriko: I hope to one day, I really enjoy the idea of a family...
    Arian: One in the future.
    Savage: Two in the future. *Groan-growls*
    Shadowtail: *Shrugs* Not right now.

    Have you ever killed anyone?

    Ru: Yes.
    Jeriko: There's something wrong with you people... OF COURSE NOT!
    Arian: Never.
    Savage: Yeah... So?
    Shadowtail: I've broken peoples' arms but I have never killed anyone.

    Do you hate/dislike anyone?

    Ru: Solace. *Glares at the hedgehog*
    Jeriko: *Shrugs* Not currently.
    Arian: I hate being called, "New Silver" by Ru and I hate it when Shadowtail over there picks on me. Of course I like to throw him when he does, but I prefer not to...
    Savage: *Hisses* Lake Claw, Ru, hyper idiots...
    Shadowtail: My parents and my brother...

    Do you love anyone?

    Ru: Mike, Azure wherever she is, Shade who I see as a little brother often, my brother Deameon.... You know... Sometimes I'm not quite sure I know what "Love" is...
    Jeriko: *Shrugs* I loved my family when they were still alive.
    Arian: Are you gonna pop the virgin question up again? *Looks around for it* Cause that was waaaaay to personal.
    Savage: *Growls* I want to leave.
    Shadowtail: Sasha~

    What is your job?

    Ru: Government experiment. I also do some field work and spying...
    Jeriko: I forgot. I know I work at Eaglegate but...
    Arian: *Shrugs* I occasionally help the police with the local criminals...
    Savage: Same as Ru... But better.
    Ru: Hey!
    Shadowtail: Street fighter. I BEAT PEOPLE UP, YO!
    Everybody else:...
    Savage: What is wrong with you?! *Blip* hippie...
    Shadowtail: Hey!
    ???: Okay let's just move on to the next question.

    What do you do to relax?

    Ru: Read or listen to music... I dunno, I hardly ever relax... I also hang out with friends...
    Jeriko: Read.
    Arian: Lift boxes with my telekinesis.
    Savage: Relax? There's no time for vacation! I'm on duty 24/7! There's no time to relax! (Did I mention he never even sleeps?)
    Shadowtail: Listen to some guy play the harmonica...

    There's a person who's teasing you, what would you do?

    Ru: Kill them.
    Jeriko: Convince them that there's better things to do then pick on me.
    Arian: Brush it off. But if they keep it up I'll either throw a box at them or throw them.
    Savage: Kill them then go on with my business. That's what I always do.
    Shadowtail: Beat them up. *Cracks knuckles*

    Let's say there's a person you really care about but she/he doesn't know your feelings. How do you tell her/him?

    Ru: Erm... Depends on the person. If it's Shade I'll usually scream in his face and go on with whatever I was doing. Or... If it's Love-care, I'll approach them shyly, lure them to somewhere where there isn't many people, and tell them. Otherwise, it's usually shown by how I'll come when they're in trouble... Also, it's different between friend-caring and... whatever the other caring is...
    Jeriko: Probably the same with Ru. Walk up to them, take them to a unpopulated area and tell them.
    Arian: Same.
    Savage: I don't know!
    Shadowtail: Talk to them while they're alone...

    What kind of powers do you have?

    Ru: CHAOS CONTROL! And others.
    Jeriko:... I'm pretty fast?
    Arian: Telekinesis. *Picks up boxes*
    Savage: Chaos Control, super speed, others...
    Shadowtail: *Shrugs* Above Average Strength?

    Who's your best friend?

    Ru: Erm... Mike, Shade when he was little, Shadowtail, Ace, Ozzy, Neil... Jazz is a good friend... Same with Arian, Shane, and... Well, I'm not sure... Also, I gotta stop hanging out with so many friends who are male!
    Jeriko: *Shrugs* I'm on good terms with all of the Eaglegate members.
    Arian: Ace.
    Savage: *Growls* I'm just gonna say Hallow. Why? Because you people are so *Bleep*, *Bleep* annoying... That and he and I are more similar then all of the other idiots at GUN..
    Shadowtail: Ace.

    So...what are you gonna do now that this tag is over?

    Ru: I'm gonna go bother Shade. He owes me money- for something but I forgot what it was... But I know he owes me money!
    Jeriko: Going to play video games with Ozzy.
    Arian: Go back to my apartment and make something to eat.
    Savage: Shoot all the *Bleep* *Bleep* annoying people in the head...
    Shadowtail: Find some guy called Ruko. He stole my coke money!


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