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    There's A Ru And Shade From B.C. Times?!?! [Closed due to lack of interest]]


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    There''s A Ru And Shade From B.C. Times?!?! [Closed due to lack of interest]]

    Post  Ru360 on 28/3/2009, 3:41 pm

    ((Yay! I've been waiting to use my two, almost like Ru and Shade characters, Hikaru and Shun! You better not mess this up, Ace. <|>__<|> Hey! I made a cat face! Mreow!~))

    [Intro & back before Ru and Shade even existed...]

    A dark blue lioness roared loudly as she lept at a white wolf/demon fox hybrid with her claws outstretched. The wolf smirked and dodged, then flung his fist out and punched the lion in the gut. Soon he sent her flying into a rock. The wolf smirked again. "You're losing it, Hikaru... Come on... It'll be easier then trying to fight it..." He soothingly murmured as he tried to coax the lioness. The lioness coughed and wiped some blood away from her mouth. "I'd rather die by Mephiles's hands before I join you, Shun." The lioness bitterly hissed. She then jumped to her feet and brushed down some of her fur. "I knew I shouldn't have let you go into those old ruins alone... Now look what has happened! You've destroyed my clan, Shun... I should kill you were you stand... But then I would catch you're curse. So I have no choice but to stop you!" A loud yowl then escaped Hikaru's mouth as she lept to attack Shun. The wolf/demon fox smirked. "You're too easy to predict, Hikaru..." He murmured softly before ducking and attacking the lion from the side. A loud startled yowl escaped her mouth. "You always have been..." The wolf licked his lips deviously and opened his mouth to bite her neck. But before he could do that Hikaru kicked him in the stomach and jumped to her feet while he struggled to get himself up off the ground. By now Hikaru was breathing heavily and she was even starting to succumb to her injuries.


    Shun smirked and pulled out a red chaos emerald. Hikaru gasped. "What the- Where'd you get that?!" "From the ruins..." Shun simply replied before smirking again. "Anyways, I'm afraid I have a world to destroy... Chaos Control!" Shortly after Shun yelled the 'magic words' a swirling portal opened up. Shun smiled evilly and walked in. "Hey- Wha'- No!!" Hikaru yelled loudly before running after Shun and leaping into the portal.

    So it begins...

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    Re: There's A Ru And Shade From B.C. Times?!?! [Closed due to lack of interest]]

    Post  .:Random Event:. on 28/3/2009, 8:34 pm


    "AAH!!!" Hikaru let out a loud scream as the portal suddenly dropped her from the sky. Oh Solaris this isn't good! The lioness looked around quickly before she crashed into a mattress ontop of a truck. Well... She was safe. The lion exhaled sharply and looked around. This... wasn't her time... was it? The lioness sighed and climbed down from the truck. Dang that Shun! Once she was down the lioness gave another quick look around, then put her hand to a wound on her side. It's still warm... I should find a doctor... Hopefully they have a doctor here...

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