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    Health and Battles


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    Health and Battles Empty Health and Battles

    Post  Ru360 on 9/4/2009, 3:46 pm


    Health is measured by a character's level and shows you whether it's time to pull out a healing potion or not.

    So far, every character that starts out in the site, has 10 HP, or health; and every five posts, when they level up, they gain ten more HP. Soon it will be like the following,

    LV. 1 = 10 HP
    LV. 2 = 20 HP
    LV. 3 = 30 HP
    LV. 4 = 40 HP
    LV. 5 = 50 HP
    LV. 6 = 60 HP

    and so on.
    Different amounts of HP is lost when a character is attacked by another character's weapons or abilities; the amount of HP lost is rolled by an Admin- such as myself- or a Mod.

    *~Healing Potions~*

    Healing Potions, which are sold in shops and can be bought for rings, restore lost HP. The Healing Potion's effects vary between bottle and different amounts of HP is restored each time you use it. The current list of the known potions are;

    Normal Healing Potion: Restores 10 to 45 HP.
    Major Healing Potion: Restores up to 100 HP.
    Superior Healing Potion: Restores 100 to 500 HP.
    Ultimate Healing Potion: Restores up 1,000 HP.
    Healing Potion X (Also known as Max Healing Potion): Restores all HP.

    These can be found in the "Battle" shop.

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    Number of posts : 598
    Location : Eating the cake I finally found in Portal.
    Alignment : Dark. Because being evil is just waaay to much fun.

    Health and Battles Empty Re: Health and Battles

    Post  Ru360 on 10/4/2009, 11:52 am


    Since this is somewhat of a new feature; I'll explain it.

    Sometimes, while RPing a fight might break out between two or more characters. When this happens you contact a Mod or Admin (Unless you are one) and a "battle" begins.

    What happens is, the owners of the characters type posts that are like;

    The black cat gave a vicious hiss towards the cyan hedgehog as she unsheathed her claws. Her claws had a metallic appearance to them and they were freshly filed; that way they would cut like daggers. Another hiss escaped from her mouth as she suddenly started to charge at the hedgehog. Then when she was close enough to strike at him; she swung her arm out at his side. Hopefully if she hit, the cut would be about a foot long and a few inches deep.

    Then the next person types;

    Rain carefully watched the cat's movements as she prepared to attack him. Soon she started to run at him. Rain smirked as the cat neared closer and he started to prepare a counter attack; a simple Chaos Spear. As the cat tried to slice at him, he moved to the side- hopefully quickly enough to dodge the cat's attack- and fired the Chaos Spears at her.

    And then finally, a Mod or Admin who's keeping track of the battle types.

    [Victoria: Hits Rain! Rain looses *rolled number* HP.]

    Victoria's blinding speed makes it too hard for the hedgehog to dodge her attack. However, she only left him with a small wound. Dang-it!

    [Rain: Hits Victoria! Victoria looses *rolled number* HP.]

    Suddenly, just before she can react, Victoria is hit with a Chaos Spear. The attack explodes in her face and she flies a few feet away from the hedgehog.

    And then the owners describe how their characters react to the attack, and they keep listing how the attacks go until the battle stops because of a event or until one of the characters die.

    However, you can show a character pulling a healing potion and drinking it and then it will be restored the next time the Admin or Mod posts! (Again, much like loosing HP, it's randomly rolled. However, it will still stay within the range of the amount the bottle restores.)

    Eventually, when the battle is over, the Admin or Mod will show who lost. If your character has "died". You have to start RPing in The Inferno of Darkness section of the forums. After about eight posts you can come back.

    So with that cleared up; happy battling everybody!

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