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    The Battle Shop Empty The Battle Shop

    Post  Ru360 on 9/4/2009, 4:43 pm

    You cautiously walk through the entrance a shop hidden in the alley ways of Lower Central City. The shop looks as if it was hit by an indoor twister; the appearance it sends nervous chills down your spine. Maybe you should leave... But curiosity got the best of you didn't it?

    Soon you start to approach what seems to be a counter. As you get closer and closer to it you notice a pale silver-colored creature digging around. You feel frightened; but your curiosity gets the best of you again and you poke your head over the counter. "Ex- excuse me?" You question. The pale silver creature gives a startled scream and hits his head on the desk; causing you to jump back in fear. He groans a bit then stands up and glares at you. "Oui! Do ye like scarin' people like that?! Whit I outta..." The creature hisses slightly at you; sending more chills down your spine. The creature then moves his hand up to pull on a string which turns on a light bulb. "So whit do ye want?" He questions roughly. You actually realize he's a bat; with a Scottish accent and horrible taste clothing... Oh dear.

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    "I- I came to buy something, sir..." You stutter. The bat raises the edge of his eye at you, then laughs. "Ah, I cannae stay mad at a customer! So whit do ye want?"

    Item Name: Normal Healing Potion
    Description: A small bottle containing a purple colored liquid. Restores 10 to 45 HP.
    How many available?: 6
    Cost: 15 Rings.

    Item Name: Major Healing Potion
    Description: A small beaker containing a dark red liquid. Restores up to 100 HP.
    How many available?: 4
    Cost: 20 Rings.

    Item Name: Superior Healing Potion
    Description: A clear jug containing a blue-purple liquid. Restores 100 to 500 HP.
    How many available?: 5
    Cost: 50 Rings.

    Item Name: Ultimate Healing Potion
    Description: A clear jug containing a black liquid. Restores up 1,000 HP.
    How many available: 3
    Cost: 100 Rings.

    Item Name: Healing Potion X (Also known as Max Healing Potion)
    Description: A clear jug that seems to contain nothing; yet you can tell there's something in it. Restores all HP.
    How many available: 3
    Cost: 500 Rings.

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