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    Post  Ace80 on 8/5/2009, 9:27 pm

    [I'll upload the picture of him soon]

    Full Name: (Pronounced: Frah-nk-Lin So-Lah-S Jon-ah-tha-n fff-rrr-ah-st) Franklin Solace Johnathan Frost

    Meaning/Definition: Franklin is the name John originally gave him, Solace is a form of Solaris, the Sun Deity, that that Zolan came up with since Shade's main power was supposed to be fire, and Johnathan because his mother that he be named after John. (Note: His last name was originally Dover, but it was changed two times afterward.)

    Nickname(s): Shade, Cap, Sonny, Kyou.

    Age: Can be RP-ed/featured in fics anywhere from 4-45. Most commonly 25.

    Species/Race: Originally human, but mostly hedgehog.

    Gender: Male.

    Height: 4 ft. 3 in.

    Weight: 10 lbs.

    Ability Type(s): Most likely power. (Although all three are attributes)

    Dating Status: Taken.

    Date of Creation: April 14,1957.

    Birth Place: The UNION ARC.

    Residence: Eaglegate base.

    Occupation: The Commander of Eaglegate.

    Alignment: Hero.

    Special Attack(s): Geokinesis (The ability in which he is able to combine his telekinetic powers with the Earth)

    Abilities: Weak telekinesis (Reason for flight), Super senses (Except for taste.. I don't think he owns that sense... ), (He lost his fire abilities)

    Hobbies & Talents: Guitar playing, singing, and basketball.

    Transformations: Human, Super, Dark.

    Weaknesses: Argonite (Not sure where he got that O_o), seeing innocents hurt. Oh, and he also has this little collar that can cut off his breathing! Very Happy (Ru has invaded Shade's post. XD)

    Personal facts-

    Friends: He considers all Eaglegate ensigns friends.

    Rivals: Ru (most of the time), Shard (His dark side), Dasha (Sister).

    Enemies: Same as rivals (-Dasha). And all people who break the law.

    Known relatives: John Dover (Father, dead), Stephanie Winter(Sister), Mary Frost (Wife), Ozzy Frost (Adopted.... er, well, Shade thinks of Ozzy as a son). Silverado Frost (Son), CJ (Clark) Frost (Son), Ruby (Rubina) Frost (Daughter), Reed (Ranger) Frost (Son), Ben (I dare you to think of what his real name is) Frost (Son). (Phantom Frost (Sort of like a caretaker). Adoptive family: Frederick "Freddie" Edward Gates (Father, dead), May Lee Gates (Mother, missing), Dasha Joy Gates (Sister, missing).

    Likes/Favorite activities: Guitar playing, basketball, having fun with members, and throwing Amy's (usually alive) cooking as far as he can.

    Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Sitting at his desk all day pencil pushing, yelling at Geddy, yelling at anyone (except for bad guys), diaper changing.

    Theme Song(s): You got the touch- Stan Bush, Count on me- Default.

    Gourmet of choice (Favorite Food): Anything made by Amy. And some normal foods.

    Beverages of choice: Motor oil. (Don't ask... You'll be sorry you did)

    Favorite color(s): The color pink. (Yeep!.... Wait, yeep?)

    Personality: Lawful Good- A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion. However, lawful good can be a dangerous alignment because it restricts freedom and criminalizes self-interest.

    Physical Appearance-

    Fur Color: Black.

    Skin Color: Um... that was covered already.

    Eye Color: Green.

    Quill Info: Down, five, black with silver streaks.

    Hair: Blond/gold.

    Nose: Black.

    Ears: Black with tan insides.

    Tail: The same as all hedgehogs. Black coloring.

    Other bodily features: White mane, tan muzzle, and silver streaks on
    legs and arms.

    Attire: (Usually dirty) Jeans, black belt, no shirt (if shirt, then it's usually pink or white), brown military boots, White gloves.

    Items & Weapons: Power watch, communicator (In belt and watch).

    Vehicles: None.

    Backstory: Franklin was bio-genetically created by a secret government organisation with the sole intention of making the perfect soldier; a super-weapon. He was designed to be extremely powerful and immortal, but when he was finally released from his growth unit at the end of the long 16 years, he was rejected by the lead scientist (Zolan Ward) for the lack of age he had due to a small but costly mistake in his creation process. The "All-Powerful
    Super Soldier" was a small, newborn infant. The DNA of the young couple used primarily for the experiment, by biological standards, made them parents of the newborn. However, the father, an anthromorphic named Siresha, wanted no part in it; being only 15. So the woman's (April) brother (John) took responsibility for the boy.

    However, just as John was settling into his new role as a father, and thinking about going to Earth to raise his son, Zolan decided the boy was salvageble and whisked young Franklin away to begin training. He was renamed Solace and coded as Shade.

    Only two years into Solace's training at age four, a devastating raid was launched on the UNION ARC to capture the toddler. The soldiers came with the intention of peacefully obtaining Solace, but the raid ended with several scientists dead and even more gravely injured. (Zolan was long belived to have been killed in the raid, but it was later discovered that he had survived*.)

    As the raid was still active, John took his not even four year old son in his arms and raced through the hallways. His mind was only focused on one thing; keeping him safe. He was chased through the hallways and into the escape pod room. In a desperate last attempt, John left Solace alone in the pod and shot it off to Earth. John was then shot and killed. The pod would spend the better half of 50 years orbitting Earth before landing. Solace was then found by a young wolf named Phantom, and lived his life to 8 in the streets before being adopted by the Gates Family.

    ((*Y'know, or we wouldn't have Darran.))

    ((*Seconds later* *Asleep*))

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    Post  Ace80 on 8/5/2009, 9:31 pm

    [Again; I shall mess with the picture later!]

    Name: Blur Kayle Marine.

    Nickname(s): Zippy.

    Current age: 18.

    Species: Hedgehog.

    Gender: Male.

    Alignment: Hero.

    Height: 3 ft. 2 in.

    Weight: 40 lbs.

    Dating Status: Taken. (Wait, why?)(He's in love with a news
    reporter! How contradictory!)

    Date of Birth: December 20th, 2014.

    Birth Place: Central city.

    Current Residence: Eaglegate base.

    Occupation: Navy Intelligence officer.

    Special Attack(s): Hydro wave.

    Abilities: Super-speed.

    Hobbies & Talents: Figuring things out, computers, annoying people half-to-death.

    Weaknesses: (Well, normal things. Like pretty much the same as a human)

    Personal facts-

    Friends: Everyone at Eaglegate. (though they find him particularly annoying)

    Rivals: Anyone faster.

    Enemies: The bad guys.

    Known relatives: Bolt Marine (Father), Tria Marine (Mother), Melody "Mae" Marine (Younger sister)

    Likes/Favorite activities: Running, figuring things out, playing with computers.

    Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Sitting still, waiting.

    Favorite Food: Bran-o's. (The only thing he's allowed to eat)

    Beverages of choice: Wood pulp. (No seriously, wood pulp.)

    Favorite color(s): Blue.

    Theme song: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah (By Aly and Aj)

    Personality: Blur is annoying, spazzy (Why not snazzy?) and he loves to poke at fun, but knows when to buckle down and he won't hesitate to jump into a fight or stand up for others; especially his little sister.

    Physical Appearance-

    Fur Color: Light blue, regular blue and white.

    Eye Color: Electric blue.

    Quill Color/style: Down, three, White with blue firey tips.

    Hair: A single streak of blue hair.

    Nose: Black.

    Ears: Blue with white insides.

    Other bodily features: White muzzle and chest, blue fiery coloring on arms and legs.

    Attire: White and blue sneakers, pants, and gloves.

    Items & Weapons: Electric zappers.

    Vehicle: Uh... his feet?

    Back Story: It's obviously not interesting enough for me to post it.

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    Post  Ace80 on 8/5/2009, 9:35 pm


    Name: Optimus Clifford Frost.

    Nickname(s): Ozzy, The wizard of Oz (No thanks to Ru. *Glares at the blue wolf*), Oz.

    Age: Currently 10.

    Species: Hedgehog.

    Gender: Male.

    Height: 2 ft. 6 in.

    Weight: 40 lbs.

    Type: Power.

    Dating Status: Has a crush.

    Date of Birth: April 14, 2007.

    Birth Place: The lower central city sewers.

    Residence: Eaglegate base.

    Occupation: Son of Solace Frost?

    Alignment: He's still thinking about it. He'll let you know in about 30 years. When he's 40, and in jail.

    Special Attack(s): None.

    Abilities: Killer martial arts. (As guessed, learned by Jazz)

    Hobbies & Talents: Basketball, video games, and aero/skate boarding.

    Transformations: Human, Super. Semi Truck (Kidding.. kidding... )

    Weaknesses: Er... Human stuff. (NOOOOOO!!!! *Dies by human made stuff*)

    Personal facts-

    Friends: He considers pretty much all Eaglegate friends... And Ru.

    Rivals: Geddy Skye and Phantom Frost.

    Enemies: None really.

    Known relatives: Solace Frost (Adoptive father), Jean (Adoptive... MOTHER?!?!?! SUE YOU!)

    Likes/Favorite activities: Sports, video games, drums, and messing with Phantom/Geddy.

    Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Learning, watching the monitors,
    being with/around Callo Skye, being grounded and Amy's cooking.

    Theme Song(s): One step at a time- Jordan Sparks.

    Gourmet of choice (Favorite Food): Pizza.

    Beverages of choice: Any kind of sports drink.

    Favorite color(s): Purple.

    Personality: Ozzy is brave, determined, and mostly mischievous. Like, think of Zack from Suite Life of Zack and Cody, only maybe a bit smarter....

    Physical Appearance-

    Fur Color: Orange.

    Skin Color: Peach.

    Eye Color: Purplish blue.

    Quill Color/style: Down, Orange with blue streaks.

    Hair: Blue.

    Nose: Black.

    Ears: Orange with peach-colored insides.

    Tail Style: Same as all hedgehogs. Orange colored.

    Other bodily features: Blue streaks on arms and legs, purple marking on chest.

    Attire: Purple shirt with blue shorts/pants (depending on the weather), white gloves, and black and white sneakers.

    Items & Weapons: Power watch, communicator.

    Vehicles: Red bike.

    Back Story: When Ozzy was only a year old, he was abandoned by his poor young mother on the streets of the lower city. His mother sent out a distress call, reached by none other than the young leader of Eaglegate; Solace Frost. Solace took the baby back to base and named him Optimus.(He later took the nickname Ozzy)

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    ((Hi there! First time doing a bio myself! Sure hope I don't screw this up... ))

    [Oh, by the way, I have NO idea how to put up pics... So.. Yeah... ]

    Name: Jeremiah Joseph Walker.

    Nickname(s): Jazz.

    Age: 17.

    Species: Arctic hedgehog. (Hehe... No such thing. Made it up. MUAHAHAHA- *hacks*!!!)

    Gender: Male.

    Height: 3 ft. 7 in.

    Weight: 75 lbs.

    Type (Speed, Power, Flight...): Speed.

    Dating/Counterpart Status (Taken or not taken): Chased after.

    Date of Birth/Creation (if experiment): July 9, 2010.

    Birth Place: Lower Central City.

    Current residence: Lower Central City.

    Occupation: Street-preformer.

    Alignment: Good.

    Basic Stats (Out of 10)-

    Agility - 10.

    Speed - 8.

    Strength - 3.

    Defense - 9.

    Evasiveness - 9.

    Dexterity - 10.

    Intelligence - 4.

    Special Attack(s): His nun-chucks. (Hope I spelled that right)

    Abilities: Martial arts master, mad dancing skills, pretty fast.

    Hobbies: Traveling, dancing.

    Transformations (Super, Chaos, Dark...): Human.

    Weaknesses: Same as all normal peoples.

    Personal facts-

    Friends: Ru Wolf, Ozzy Frost, Becky ??? (Deceased).

    Rivals: Pretty much everyone in lower central city.

    Enemies: Lotsa people don't like him.

    Known relatives: Unknown family.

    Likes: Dancing, music, and honesty..... Chocolate....

    Dislikes: Corn... And violence, and the saxophone.

    Theme Song(s): For now it's Huey Lewis and the News' "Hip to be square". I just think it's a good fit.

    Favorite Food(s): None.

    Favorite drink(s): None.

    Favorite color(s): Blue.

    Personality: Despite his appearance and smug smile, Jazz is one cool cat. Er... Hedgehog. He's a mellow fellow with a big heart and a smooth tone.(*CORPRAL LICENSEING!!* So copyrited!! *dies*)

    Physical Appearance-

    Skin/Fur Color: White.

    Eye Color: Deep blue.

    Hair Color: Shaved white.

    Quill Color/Style (Upwards, downwards, streaks, exc.): Downwards, no streaks, three.

    Nose: Black.

    Ears: White with light gray insides.

    Tail Style: Hedgehog, white.

    Other bodily features: Light grey arms, muzzle and chest.

    Voice (Gruff, Shy, mute, ect.): Mellow. (AND NO! HE DOES NOT RHYME WHEN HE TALKS! *mumbles* Stupid... stereotypes... Moo... Internet...)

    Attire: Red and blue gloves/shoes.

    Items & Weapons: His nunchucks. (Again, no idea if that was spelled right)

    Vehicles: Feet.

    Back Story: Jazz, then Jeremiah Walker, was left on the streets as a 2-year-old by his abusive Aunt after being orphaned repeatedly since he was born. He raised himself, and with that came consiquences; young Jazz claims to have been beaten up every day, twice on Sunday's. But he chose not to let anything phase him. Jazz trained himself in self-defense, and because he traveled alot to avoid trouble, he met two or three teachers along the way. Jazz prefers to work solo, but never minds company.

    He lost his good friend Becky as a young boy and was blamed for her death, but after she was gone, Jazz decided it was time to turn his additude towards life around and he became something he had always dreamed of being; a street preformer. He was very gifted in dance, so he took to entertaining. He feels that his reward is making people happy, not making money, though he does leave an open sack out- just in case.

    UPDATE: Jazz recently took up residence in a broken down building deep in the Lower City. His plan originally was to stay there for a week or so, then move on; But soon after, he found a little five year old hedgehog that lived very near the city that reminded him so much of Becky he was moved to stay... for a while. (And a while being seven years)

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    Post  Ace80 on 17/5/2009, 10:07 pm

    ((Hello's again! I'm back!.... Again!))

    [Still don't know how to put up pics]

    Name: Jaspar Jen'la Rayd.

    Nickname(s): Title: Silver Specter. Specs, Shiny, Mr. Shiny.

    Age: Unknown. (But presumed by maturity to be about 18 years old)

    Species: Super/light being.

    Gender: Male.

    Height: 6 ft. 1 in.

    Weight: Why in the world would you want to know that?

    Type (Speed, Power, Flight...): All three are attributes. He doesn't adhere to one or the other.

    Dating/Counterpart Status (Taken or not taken): He's in love... That count?

    Date of Birth/Creation (if experiment): Unknown.

    Birth Place: Zana-Dhiel (Zana-h De-ell) (Planet). Xana'Du (City).

    Residence: Always moving.

    Occupation: Space-traveller.

    Alignment: Uh.. I dunno how to answer this.

    Basic Stats (Out of 10)-

    Agility - 10.

    Speed - 10.

    Strength - 10.

    Defense - 10.

    Evasiveness - 10.

    Dexterity - 10.

    Intelligence - 10. (Ok look, I said he was a superbeing. I meant it. He's not a deity, or all powerful. Just a super being. No slams please.)

    Special Attack(s): Obliviation. (This is not a rip off of 360's ability. It's just a cool name. Trust me, you don't want to know what it does... NO IT DOES NOT ATOMICALLY WASH UNDERWEAR! JEEZ!!)

    Abilities: Too many to list. Let's see if I can sum it all up for you: Light, Solar Rays. That's all.

    Hobbies: Watching nature, learning about other races/space.

    Transformations (Super, Chaos, Dark...): Super. (*snicker snicker*)

    Weaknesses: Focused solar rays.

    Personal facts-

    Friends: Most of Eaglegate, Golden Genesis (Eli'al Syrinx).

    Rivals: A lot of people.

    Enemies: Jack Pot and his gang, Jaru-Kun (Some space dude with more than one problem).

    Known relatives: Baltis Rayd (Father, dead), (Unknown mother, dead), Jin-Niln Rayd (Elder brother, unknown fate).

    Likes: History, nature.

    Dislikes: Pranks, evil.

    Theme Song(s): Emotion Detector, Camera Eye, Territories. (All By Rush)

    Favorite Food(s): (Jaspar: I do not require sustin- Me: *smacks him* Shut up. You like ice cream. Jaspar: This is true. )

    Favorite drink(s): (Jaspar: As I believe I have said before- Me: *smacks him again* Quiet you.)

    Favorite color(s): The color of snow... Which is white... most of the time...

    Personality: Very curious, valient, couragous, smart, kind and caring, but not overly lame.

    Physical Appearance-

    Skin/Fur Color: White and shiny...

    Eye Color: Bronze. (Or, yellow)

    Hair Color: No hair. (*GASP*) (EDIT: Jaspar is usually bald, with no eyebrows. But on some occasions, he is shown with black hair)

    Quill Color/Style (Upwards, downwards, streaks, exc.): No quills.

    Nose: Er.. white and shiny.

    Ears: No ears.

    Tail Style: No tail... What is this?!

    Other bodily features: HE'S SHINY!!

    Voice (Gruff, Shy, mute, ect.): Sentient. (I am well aware this is not a voice description. It sounds like the old cartoon version of Silver Surfer's voice, only a little younger... And he talks like Shakespear... Seriously... I mean you want to fall asleep so badly when he starts talking to you...)

    Attire: Well.... It varies. His human friends want him to wear clothes.. But he really just wears underwear... With no seams....

    Items & Weapons: Er... HE'S AN INTERGALATIC HIPPIE!!!

    Vehicles: A morpher. (Who transforms into a number of things; the most common being a board and a gold retriever-built dog.)

    Back Story: Jaspar is a light being from the planet Zana-Dhiel. Soon after his birth, his mother mysteriously died, and at the age of 3 years, his father was finally driven to pure madness over his wife's absence and he disappeared. When this happened, Toddler Jaspar, and elder brother Jin'Niln were sent to Va'Lor academy.

    After a violent acid rain storm (Caused by an even violent-er attack by the Ingi) set off terrible chain reactions under the planet's surface, fire and burning acid errupted all over Zana-Dhiel, bringing the once proud planet, and race, to it's knees. It would be a full Solar cycle (Day) before the reaction was complete, and the core of Zana-Dhiel imploded in on itself, causing the planet to burst. In his rush to escape with his brother and Master (Ta'Lon), Jaspar was lost and ended up surviving the explosion, unconcious, without any knowledge of his family's fate. Jaspar was eventually rescued by a neighborring planet, Kul-Vara, and adopted by their society.

    It was here that he fell in love with a young Kul-Varian named Ayda'tu. But soon, that planet would come under seige by the infamous war race, the Ingi. In a desperate effort to protect his new home, Jaspar embarked on the long journey to Earth, to seek the aid of an organisation called Eaglegate, and their commander, widely known for his leadership and bravery, Captain Solace Frost.

    ((For crying out loud people, HE IS NOT A RIP-OFF OF SILVER SURFER! I fully agree that they do closely resemble each other, and I give credit to Surfer's designers for the design if you want me to, but I came up with Jaspar myself. Except for his name. That was 360's idea.))

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    Post  Ace80 on 17/5/2009, 10:19 pm

    ((WOW! Two posts in one day! I'm on fire! Wait... I'M ON FIRE!!! AHHHH!!! *chases broom around office*. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please read downward.))

    [Picture will come later... ]

    Name: Scooby Jen'la Rayd. (Later Jen'la)

    Nickname(s): Jen, Title: Silverado. ((For those of you right now who are going: "OMG, that's Silver Surfer's nickname! How dare you copy... " So on and so forth, Silverado is also a cowboy. I like old cowboy movies. That's where I got it. No offense.))

    Current age: 5. (Can be RP'd/featured in fics from 4-14)

    Species: Human.

    Gender: Male.

    Type (Speed, Power, Flight...): None.

    Dating/Counterpart Status (Taken or not taken): Not taken.

    Date of Birth/Creation (if experiment): Unknown....oOooOOOOooOooOo...

    Birth Place: Also unknown...

    Residence: The Lyle household.

    Occupation: I dunno.

    Alignment: Neutral.

    Basic Stats (Out of 10)-

    Agility - 5.

    Speed - 5.

    Strength - 4.

    Defense - 4.

    Evasiveness - 4.

    Dexterity - 4.

    Intelligence - NOW REALLY!

    Special Attack(s): Unknown.

    Abilities: He's physic ((Can't spell that... )), and has two spirits that he mostly talks to and gets responses from: Atki (At-Key) and Shiir (Pronounced Shh- Ee-rr/Sheer).

    Hobbies: Baseball, skate/snow/surfboarding, sport-stuff.

    Transformations (Super, Chaos, Dark...): Erm... None.

    Weaknesses: Pretty much the same as a normal human.

    Personal facts-

    Friends: Silver Specter, most of Eaglegate, River Maverick.

    Rivals: Thugs, Shiir.

    Enemies: Some eventually when he gets older.

    Known relatives: None, but he thinks of Silver Specter as a father/older brother figure, and his morphing alien dog Mer'lyn, or Board.

    Likes: Sports, his dog, exploring, ninja's, space, and just about everything beyond Earth.

    Dislikes: Golf, fishing, water.

    Theme Song(s): None so far.

    Favorite Food(s): Pizza, Macaroni, cake.

    Favorite drink(s): Milk.

    Favorite color(s): Orange.

    Personality: Scooby is mischevious and cocky, but is also very brave and often shows strong compassion. He has a very strong sense of justice and hates it when the guilty go unpunished. He can be described as a leader, but sometimes his sense of justice and right clouds his sense of good judgement.

    Physical Appearance-

    Skin Color: Peach. (Silverado: Silverish/shiny. Eeeee.. *Death*)

    Eye Color: Green. (Silverado: White (Was gonna go with green, but white looked better) )

    Hair Color: White. (Silverado: Silverish white-barely noticable)

    Nose: Peach.
    (Silverado: Silver)
    Ears: Peach.

    Other bodily features: Pale blue markings on his chest. (Nearly nonexistant as Silverado)

    Voice (Gruff, Shy, mute, ect.): Well, it'd be five-year-old boyish, except a little deeper.

    Attire: Usually a black short-sleeveed/sleeveless shirt, tan cargos and black sneakers.

    Items & Weapons: A tired old blue blanket.

    Vehicles: Board, his morphing dog.

    Back Story: Scooby was a nameless little boy living on the Lower City streets before he met Specter. Once the two met, they slowly adopted father-son roles and grew very close. I... Really... Have nothing else to say. His stories speak for themselves...

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    Post  Ace80 on 17/5/2009, 10:32 pm

    ((Narrator: Ace is still chasing his/her broom around his/her office.))

    [I will upload picture later]

    Name: Neil Nathanial Channdler Parker.

    Nickname(s): Tiger, Big guy.

    Age: Can be RP'd/fic-featured from 8-87. Mostly 26.

    Species: Alien robot (Human form).

    Gender: By physical, mental and emotional standards, male.

    Height: 5 ft. 9 in.

    Weight: 240 lbs.

    IQ: 400.

    Type (Speed, Power, Flight...): Flight/power.

    Dating/Counterpart Status (Taken or not taken): Taken.

    Date of Birth/Creation (if experiment): August (Aune) 15, 1823 (80094)

    Birth Place: The room of Khar-Tel.

    Residence: Eaglegate base.

    Occupation: 3rd in command.

    Alignment: Hero.

    Basic Stats (Out of 10)-

    Agility - 3.

    Speed - 6.

    Strength - 9.

    Defense - 6.

    Evasiveness - 3.

    Dexterity - 6.

    Intelligence - 9.

    Special Attack(s): Moon beam. (Where he unleashes bolts of light from his hands/eyes and obliterates everything in sight. It was a defense
    mechanism that Khar-Tel installed for emergencies)

    Abilities: Flight, blaster hands/feet/eyes, stealth.

    Hobbies: Hockey, helping people, chess. (*snores* What?)

    Transformations (Super, Chaos, Dark...): Human.

    Weaknesses: Corrodium.

    Personal facts-

    Friends: Pretty much everyone at Eaglegate. Ru Wolf.

    Rivals: Ray Wolf and Surge.

    Enemies: Surge and Virus.

    Known relatives: (Adoptive family) Joshua "Josh" Parker (Father), Tasha Parker (Mother), Andrew Jamison (Older Brother), Maria Jamison
    (Older Sister), Richard "Richie" Parker (Little brother). ((Confused? Don't be. They're a merged family. Andrew and Maria are Tasha's kids.))

    Likes: Technology, strategic games (Such as, Battleship, chess. Etc.).

    Dislikes: Evil (Duh... *lice* shots... *leaves to take a banana bath*), corrodium, the government.

    Theme Song(s): New world man. (By Rush)

    Favorite Food(s): None.

    Favorite drink(s): Motor oil.

    Favorite color(s): Blue.

    Personality: Neil is a mostly quiet boy who isn't afraid to stand up for his rights. He is a bit naive, nervous, and has horrible self-esteem. He is very brave, kind-hearted and always determined. His friends describe him as a peacemaker.

    Physical Appearance-

    Skin/Fur Color: Human: Peach. Robot: Yellow.

    Eye Color: Human: Blue. Robot: Black.

    Hair Color: Human: Blond. Robot: No hair. (OHMIPES! YOU'RE OLD! *hits Neil with the CDL*)

    Quill Color/Style (Upwards, downwards, streaks, exc.): No quills...

    Nose: Human: Peach. Robot: No nose. (Aww... Steve left... ((Steve is what my dad calls my nose)) )

    Ears: Human: Peach. Robot: No ears. (HOW DO YOU HEAR!? *throws a train at Neil*)

    Tail Style: No tail.

    Other bodily features: There's a picture that'll handle that... (Later! Sorry!)

    Voice (Gruff, Shy, mute, ect.): Shy/quiet.

    Attire: Usually a blue and yellow shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

    Items & Weapons: Blaster hands, feet, and chest.

    Vehicles: He don't need 'em.

    Backstory: (It's long. Prepare your toilet for liftoff) Neil is actually a robot named MEC (Mechanically Energized Computer), who was created almost 200 years ago by a child named Khar-tel, who lived on the planet Krimmsiies. He was built as a companion, but had to be evacuated almost a day after he was built. The planet had come under attack, and Khar wanted to use his android to fight, but his mind was changed by his father (Tol'Ace) and sent him to Earth, where he was found by a young boy named Jack Dalton. Jack became MEC's partner, deciding to continue to call him that due to the markings on his chest. Jack helped MEC fight criminals and help with disasters. Three years after Jack and MEC met, the government found MEC and, after a long fight ending with Jack dying, transported him off to a research facility for study. After laying absoulute ruin to three of their facilities, and endangering their reveal, they wiped his memory, erased the paint on his chest that labled "M.E.C.", gave him a human disguise, named him Neil and sent him off to the county orphange with the age of 6.

    A year after his bizzare arrival at the orphange, he was adopted by a single man named Josh Parker. Josh was married two years later to a single woman (Tasha) with two children, Andrew and Maria. Just in the next year, a baby was born to the merged family, a boy named Richard.

    When Neil was 10 years old, he got into a fight with his brother Andrew, and discovered he was a android. Upon learning this, and being inspired by a movie, a few months later decided to become a superhero, and by the title of the front page of the Chicago Days newspaper, aquired the title "The Titanium Titan" and fought crime under the name, "Titan". (100025! LIFTOFF!!!!!! *FLUSH!*)

    ((Warning: I made this up. MEC translates into Argus in nearly every place beyond Earth))

    ((And yes, you guessed it. The movie Neil was inspired by was Ironman. But I did come up with Neil before the movie came out, so I'm not copying.))

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    ((Ok. Got rid of the broom. And apparently I'm not on fire anymore. Too bad. *Broom* RAAAAGGHHH!! *chases it*))

    [Picture come later]

    Name: Gedard Trailblazer Skye.

    Nickname(s): Geddy.

    Current age: 17.

    Species: Silver Forest Wolf. (Made the species up)

    Gender: Male.

    Type (Speed, Power, Flight...): Lazy... Ok ok, Power.

    Dating/Counterpart Status (Taken or not taken): Taken.

    Date of Birth/Creation (if experiment): June 12, 2006.

    Birth Place: The upper city.

    Residence: Eaglegate base.

    Occupation: The laziest being on the face of the Earth. (Actually, he's the head mechanic at Eaglegate)

    Alignment: Neutral.

    Basic Stats (Out of 10)-

    Agility - 5.

    Speed - 5.

    Strength - 8.

    Defense - 7.

    Evasiveness - 4.

    Dexterity - 3.

    Intelligence -... Oh you've got to be kidding me.

    Special Attack(s): He fights with his fists, and the occasional gun.

    Abilities: Semi-advanced strength, incredible with machines.

    Hobbies: Sleeping, fiddling with spare parts, hitting on girls, playing drums.

    Transformations (Super, Chaos, Dark...): Human.

    Weaknesses: Pretty much the same as anyone else.

    Personal facts-

    Friends: Echo, Edge, Ozzy and Hudson.

    Rivals: Ray, Callo Skye.

    Enemies: Riley Bennton.

    Known relatives: Everest and Lana Skye (Parents, both dead), Callo Skye (Grandfather), Mission (Sister).

    Likes: Same as hobbies, eating.

    Dislikes: People who don't like machines.

    Theme Song(s): Highway to the Danger Zone.

    Favorite Food(s): Anything that isn't healthy.

    Favorite drink(s): Anything that isn't healthy.

    Favorite color(s): Purple.

    Personality: Geddy likes to think of himself as a stud, or manly, in some form of the word. He enjoys childlike pranks, but won't hesitate to go out of his way to embarass or torture somebody. He's also very lazy and rude, to most everybody.

    Physical Appearance-

    Skin/Fur Color: Silver.

    Eye Color: Purple.

    Hair Color: Black.

    Quill Color/Style (Upwards, downwards, streaks, exc.): No quills.

    Nose: Black.

    Ears: Silver with white insides.

    Tail Style: Wolf, silver, white tipped.

    Other bodily features: White muzzle and chest.

    Voice (Gruff, Shy, mute, ect.): Slightly gruff, a tiny bit smug.

    Attire: Dark brown vest, shorts/pants, hiking boots, black belt, brown work gloves, and a silver and blue sappire necklace. (Hidden decidedly in his chest-mane)

    Items & Weapons: Fists, and his drumkit.

    Vehicles: His motorcycle.

    Back Story: Geddy lost both his parents as a four year old. This event scarred him emotionally and he dealt with the pain by becoming a regular prankster. He lived on the streets, being hounded by gangsters and such until he was six years old. He then was taken in by his strict Grandfather (Callo). His best friends growing up were Jazz Maverick, and his friend Achilles.

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    [Still can't upload pics.... ]

    Name: Arrow Channdler Cobalt.

    Nickname(s): Bronco.

    Age: 11.

    Species: Fox.

    Gender: Male.

    Height: 3 ft. 1 in.

    Weight: 72 lbs.

    IQ: 54.

    Type (Speed, Power, Flight...): Flight.

    Dating/Counterpart Status (Taken or not taken): Not taken. HE'S 11 YOU LEMONS!

    Date of Birth/Creation (if experiment): March 8, 2023.

    Birth Place: Sei island.

    Residence: Sei island.

    Occupation: To protect the Sei emeralds and his island/people from harm or thieves.

    Alignment: Hero.

    Basic Stats (Out of 10)-

    Agility - 6.

    Speed - 7.

    Strength - 4.

    Defense - 9.

    Evasiveness - 6.

    Dexterity - 4.

    Intelligence - 3.

    Special Attack(s): None.

    Abilities: Flight, Power over the Sei emeralds, Super-hearing.

    Hobbies: Dreaming, learning.

    Transformations (Super, Chaos, Dark...): Dark.

    Weaknesses: Same as a normal human.

    Personal facts-

    Friends: Moon, Josiah, Kim, Darus, Darah, Dak, Comet, Aru, Ben, Solace Frost.

    Rivals: The moon. (Dont. Ask.)

    Enemies: Bad guys.

    Known relatives: Aleya Cobalt (Mother, Deceased). Arthur Cobalt (Father). Troy Cobalt (Brother). Jea Cobalt (Sister).

    Likes: History, machinery and Eaglegate.

    Dislikes: Genie spleen toast....

    Theme Song(s): None yet.

    Favorite Food(s): Not toast.

    Favorite drink(s): Not..... spleens.

    Favorite color(s): Blue.

    Personality: Curious, funny and courageous.

    Physical Appearance-

    Skin/Fur Color: Orange.

    Eye Color: Blue.

    Hair Color: Blue.

    Quill Color/Style (Upwards, downwards, streaks, exc.): No quills.

    Nose: Black.

    Ears: Orange with blue insides.

    Tail Style: Two orange tails with blue tips.

    Other bodily features: OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! THERE IS A PICTURE UP THERE! (Sorry!)

    Voice (Gruff, Shy, mute, ect.): Erm, nine-year-old boyish?

    Attire: There. Is. A. Picture. What are you looking down here for? (Sorry!)

    Items & Weapons: His imagination.

    Vehicles: His tails.

    Back Story: Comes later.

    ((Hello Internet! So yes, Arrow is a very old character and was based off Tails. There you have it.))

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