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    Some origin stories about Shade and the others.

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    ((Cool, this is my first time posting on the "My Stories" Forum thing... Again, I hope I don't mess up.))

    1st story, Birth of a new Sun: Naturally, Shade's origin story.

    A tall, lean man restrained his hands behind his back. He wore a long lab coat, with a brown shirt and jeans underneath it. He wore black sneakers and a silver plastic wristwatch on his left arm. He had long blazing gold hair, complimented by sapphire blue eyes and a freckled complexion. A blue-skinned woman stood by his right side, holding his arm excitedly.
    “Can you see her John?” The woman asked, looking up at her husband with glowing green eyes. “Not yet… Soon.” He replied, smiling.
    Three scientists besides the two were in the room, each one bustling about, flipping switches and pushing buttons. (MULTIPLE BUTTON PUSH!) Soon, they all stepped back and a young, brown-haired scientist stepped forward. She unlatched a containment unit filled with cloudy liquid and held a towel out. The other two scientists, including John, went forward and unhooked the black form previously in the unit. An anxious 5 seconds passed… Then a cry was heard and the tension in the room dissipated.
    John and the scientists stepped away from the brown-haired woman, Alex, with smiles on their faces. The experiment was alive and the process was nearly complete. “Did you see her John?” The blue-skinned woman, April, asked. “Yes April, she’s beautiful.” “What does she look like? Come and see for yourself.” John took his anxious wife’s hand and led her into the room in which the experiment had been taken.
    (This is just too funny…)
    “John?” Alex questioned. “Yes Alex?” John asked, stepping forward. Alex also stepped forward, with a pink bundle in her arms. “Is that little Bright Star?” (Couldn’t think of a better name. Sue me. *kills the Powder-puff men for possible reference errors*) April asked. “Actually you guys… It’s male.” “What?!” April and John said in unison. They probably weren’t unhappy, just very surprised. “Yes… It’s a boy… ” Alex said, handing the pinkly-wrapped bundle to John.
    “It- it’s a boy?” John felt he had to repeat it to himself. He let out a soft chuckle and watched the boy yawn and twitch his nose at the new smells. He had fuzzy, parted golden hair with a chuff of amber brown hair lying gently against his forehead and a little in his eyes. “C’mon buddy… Let’s see you… ” John brushed his finger along the infant’s soft cheek. “Open your eyes son.” April whispered.
    The hedgehog hesitantly began to open his eyes, and as soon as he looked at his new parents and the room, was overwhelmed and shut them immediately. “Aww… It’s ok baby… ” April soothed. The infant opened his eyes again and cooed happily at who he knew was his mother. “He has your eyes April… They’re emerald green.” John said softly, handing the pink bundle to April and walking over to the lead scientist.
    “You’re so… Tiny… ” April whispered as she unwrapped her new son and cradled him. “C’mon, let’s go take him to his room.” John said softly as he put his arm around April and led her to the room.
    The room had a yellow boarder all around the edges with pictures of flowers and bunnies printed on them. The carpet was a plain brown, and the walls were a soft pink. “We’re going to have to do some remodeling.” John joked, sitting down on the carpet with his wife and son.
    “What are we gonna call him?” John asked after a while. “Can’t it be Bright Star? I like that name.” April answered. “But Bright Star is a girl’s name.”
    “It’s universal.”
    “Shouldn’t it be, James? Or Wood?”
    “But those names are boring.” April laughed.
    “John Jr.?” John asked hopefully.
    April laughed again and stroked the baby’s golden hair. “He looks just like my grandfather… What about… Franklyn?” “I like that name… But wait… The scientists have already named him Solace, haven’t they?” asked John, a hint of disappointment in his voice. After all, shouldn’t a man be able to name his own child? “It’ll be our little secret. It’ll be our special name for him.” April said, playing with newly-named-Franklyn’s hair. “Franklyn Johnathan Dover… ” John said proudly.
    “Hmm, you had to put it in there somewhere didn’t you?” April smiled. “Yes, yes I did.” John answered, standing. “Should we dress him?” He asked. “What do you think?” “Well, all we’ve got are dresses.” “Depends on whether you want him to run around naked or not.” April said. John sighed. “I suppose he could borrow one of my shirts… ” John mused. “Your shirts are much too big, I’ll make him one.” “You want to do that?” “Sure, I’ve not gotten to use my sewing machine yet.” April answered; standing and leaving the room.
    [A few minutes later…. ]
    John was awoken by the sound of Sonny beginning to whine. He started to cry and looked at John with big eyes. “What’da you want buddy? Toys? Er, sleep? Er… Wait a minute, that’s it!” Sonny opened his mouth and whined. “Oh! You’re hungry aren’t you! Of course!” John said with a burst of intelligence as he stood and raced off to the kitchen, mistakenly leaving Sonny alone. “Da?” He blubbered, falling back into a sitting position.
    A black hedgehog walked by and managed to be interesting enough to catch Sonny’s eye. He peered in the room and found the infant playing with blocks. Sonny noticed the youth, Siresha, and threw a red block at him. Siresha caught the block and walked into the room. “I don’t suppose you’ve learned not to throw things.” He sat down and put the red block ontop of the tower.
    Sonny squealed excitedly as the tower fell. He glanced over at Siresha and flashed a wide smile. He then put on a puzzled looking and leapt up onto his chest, knocking him over. Sonny grabbed Siresha’s chest fur and pulled. “Ow… OW! Stop that!” Siresha pulled the infant off of him and stared him down. “Hmm!” Sonny hummed happily, apparently enjoying being momentarily in the air. Siresha sat back up and put the Sonny down. He looked out the door for John. Apparently he was having trouble in the kitchen. “Dada?” Sonny blubbered, now on Siresha’s foot. “I’m not your father.” Siresha lowered his eyes, scooting Sonny back on the floor. “Up.” Sonny said, reaching out for Siresha to pick him up. The hedgehog sighed and gave in. Sonny squealed as he was lifted and buried his face into Siresha’s warm, furry arms. “Let’s go find whoever you belong to.”
    [1 year later…]
    “I knew it!” The lead scientist, Bruce, exclaimed, bursting out of his office. Followed by a trail off disturbed papers, he ran into Sonny’s room and picked him up out of his crib. Instead of crying, Sonny merely yawned and fell back asleep against Bruce’s shoulder.
    Bruce ran into the lab and immediately, but gently, set Sonny down on a table. Rather then let the nurse do it, Bruce dusted off an old test tube full of a blue-ish green liquid and poured it into a syringe. He then took the needle and carefully inserted it into Sonny’s arm. He pushed the plunger down and filled Sonny’s veins with the liquid. Bruce tossed the used needle in the bio-hazard incinerator and stood back, arms crossed and a confident smile on his face as Sonny’s being changed.
    The transformation was immediate; Black, silky fur engulfed Sonny’s skin, quills with golden streaks and amber front took the place of his beautiful golden hair. Ears grew out of the fur and a muzzle covered Sonny’s mouth.
    Bruce quickly made an entry into the computer,
    Name: Solace Deiga.
    Code: 
    [Now Two years later]
    “Solace! Come here, boy!” Bruce called. Shade ran in to the central room overlooking the Earth and looked anxiously up at Bruce for an explanation. “I would like you to meet your new trainer, Ru.”
    “Hiya Ru, I’m Shade.” The youth said, holding out his newly-gloved hand.
    Ru turned her attention from the scientist down to the hedgehog and glared at him. What? I have to watch a stupid kid? She growled in her mind. She then looked up at Bruce and glared, then looked back down at Shade. She looked between his face and his hand before smacking it away and leaving with a, "Hurmfmf... I was told to TRAIN somebody. NOT BABYSIT.” The wolf growled as she stormed out of the room.
    Ru then gave a loud groan and kicked over a scientist. Leave it to COG to leave me to raise a child. Merfh... Idiots....
    Shade let out a small whine and rubbed his injured hand. He dropped his head down briefly before looking at Bruce. “Don’t worry me’ boy, she just needs time to get used to you.” He said, leaving for his office. Shade sighed and wondered why Ru was so upset with him. Did he do something wrong? Siresha never acted this way… Maybe he knew.
    [In Shadow’s room…]
    “Hello Solace.” “Siresha, can I ask you sumthin’?” “Of course.” The hedgehog simply replied, picking Shade up and putting him on his lap. “Does Ru hate me?” “Ru? Oh yes, your trainer. No I don’t believe she hates you, she just did not expect you to be as young as you are.” Siresha guessed/explained. “So I need ta be older? How do I do that?” Shade asked, trying to avoid biting his tongue as he did so. “You cannot do anything about it Solace, you just have to wait for your creation days.” “Aww man. Well, thanks anyway Siresha.” “Right.” Siresha nodded as Shade jumped off his lap and out the door.
    [The next day…]
    Shade walked down the halls with his hands buried in his pockets. He had his head down and didn’t notice a young echidna walking around the corner. They ran into each other and both were knocked to the ground. “Oof!” “Oof!” “Hey, what’s the big idea huh?” The echidna stood up and rubbed his arm. He was about Shade’s age, colored a light blue, with short, black tipped locks and a pink muzzle. His eyes were a blazing yellow and he wore black shoes and gloves, and brown cover-alls with a somewhat dirty white t-shirt underneath. “Huh, oh I’m sorry. I wasn’t watchin’ where I was goin’.” Shade apologized. “‘S ok.” The echidna shrugged. “I’m Hemet, what’s yer name?” “I’m Solace, but ya can call me Shade.” “Good to meet you Shade, how come I never seen ya around bafore?” Hemet asked, picking his pack up and brushing off whatever looked like it wasn’t supposed to be there. “Maybe ‘cause I’m always in the gym, testing whatever simulator Mr. Bruce’s got up an’ runnin’.” “Oh. Have you met my cousin Xander?” “Nope, where’s he?” “He’s on Earth, but he visits on the computer sometimes.” Hemet explained. “C’mon, I’ll show you my room!” “Ok!” Shade smiled and ran off after his new friend.
    [Later that day... Or is it night...? I DON'T KNOW!!! SOMETIME LATER IN TIME!!]
    Ru sighed and shook her head. I'm supposed to be serious... GUN would have my head for that* if THEY found out! Ru protested in her mind. Suddenly a little echo came back. They probably will... Nightmare echoed back with a whisper. Ru's eyes widened. They will? She whined, looking quite worried. Yes... You see that black hedgehog over there? Nightmare questioned, turning Ru's attention to Shade. Yeah... Ru growled, lowering her gaze as she watched him talk with a echidna. He's the reason you're up here... Why you exist... And why Samson whipped you....

    Ru's face then scrunched up into a snarl and she clenched her fists tightly. "So this is HIS fault?!" She snapped roughly. Oh how she wanted to kill the black hedgehog and the thing he was holding right now. Yep. Nightmare replied before going silent. Ru then unsheathed her claws and stormed over to the hedgehog. Then without another word, she snatched his light bulb and threw it against a wall. "Hey!" Shade protested before Ru suddenly leaned in his face. “Bruce said I could set the course any way I see fit... Prepare to die on that course, rat..." The wolf snarled before pulling her face out of his. She then turned to Hemet and raised the edge of her eye at him. Was he wearing a diaper or something...? "What's with the overalls, kid? Worried people will see your diaper?" She questioned with an evil smile. Strangely... She seemed to enjoy this... Maybe it was the fact that she finally had power over somebody?

    ((Ok, my annoying head is aching and the site won't let me upload anymore into this post, so this is where it ends for now. Um.. The * explainations come later... ))

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