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    Another Meme!!! =D


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    Another Meme!!! =D Empty Another Meme!!! =D

    Post  Ru360 on 17/3/2009, 10:22 am

    Choose 10 of your OC's, if you don't have ten then why are you here?

    1. Ru
    2. Jeriko
    3. Cecil
    4. Samson
    5. Circe
    6. Hallow
    7. Rowena
    8. Shadowtail
    9. Ruko
    10. Whisper

    Okay now let's begin!

    1. 4 (Samson) invites 3 (Cecil) and 8 (Shadowtail) to dinner at their house. What happens?

    Okay, as I keep mentioning, Cecil is blind. So he'd probably get lost and never arrive. And Shadowtail... He'd eat all of Samson's food then run before Samson could get his gun out. XD

    2. 9 (Ruko) tries to get 5 (Circe) to go to a strip club. What happens?

    Circe would hit Ruko with her mechanical tails then leave. XD Poor Ruko.

    3. You need to stay at a friend's house for a night. Who do you choose, 1 (Ru) or 6 (Hallow)?

    Ru. Cause 1. She has her own house- Unlike Hallow- and 2. Ru knows how to cook. Unlike Hallow who just eats whatever he can find in the freezer.

    4. 2 (Jeriko) and 7 (Rowena) are making out when 10 (Whisper) walks in. What is their reaction?

    Whisper confusedly turns his head to the side then continues on. How lame...

    5. 3 (Cecil) falls in love with 6 (Hallow) and 8 (Shadowtail) is jealous, what happens?

    Oh Solaris. It's a party of gays. Okay what happens is, Shadowtail gets freaked out that a small 8-year old leopard fell in love with a big hyena/bat hybrid. He walks over to the kid and tells him that Hallow's a guy. Cecil's face turns green and he pukes all over Shadowtail and then Shadowtail starts to strangle Cecil. XD

    6. 4 (Samson) jumps you in a dark alleyway. Who comes to your rescue, 10 (Whisper), 2 (Jeriko), or 7 (Rowena)?

    Okay.... First off, Whisper is a shy little hedgewolf and is pretty weak. He wouldn't even dare to try. And Rowena, she'd help Samson with whatever he's doing and steals my wallet. DX Meanwhile, Jeriko would come to my aid cause 1. He works for Eaglegate and 2. I'm in love with my own character. DX So yeah, 2. Also, why did Samson jump me? What is wrong with him?!

    7. 1 (Ru) decides to start a cooking show! 15 minutes later, what happens?

    Okay, what happens is, Blur (a friend's char) goes crazy looking for his Z sock and accidentally turns Ru's cooking into a zombie potion. Now, Ru's a zombie and she's trying to eat Shade's (another of my friend's chars) brain. XD

    8. 3 (Cecil) has to marry either 8 (Shadowtail), 4 (Samson), or 9 (Ruko). Who do they choose?

    Argh! What's with the gayness?! Erm... I think Cecil would try to marry Shadowtail. Cause, Ruko's a thief, Samson's huge and cruel, and Shadowtail helped him out earlier. Unfortunately, Shadowtail freaks out and beats Cecil up, then gets beat up by Ru and goes to jail. Again.

    9. 7 (Rowena) kidnaps 2 (Jeriko) and demands something from 5 (Circe) for 2's release. What is it?

    Wait? I thought Jeriko and Rowena were kissing earlier! Oh well. Rowena would probably demand/negotiate that Circe would help her get some of Ruko's gold. But then again.... actually, I'm a bit stumped on this one... So yeah, Circe's help....

    10. Everyone gangs up one 3 (Cecil). Does three have a chance in heck?

    No. And poor Cecil!

    11. Everyone is invited to 2 (Jeriko) and 10 (Whisper)'s wedding, except for 8 (Shadowtail). How do they react?

    Gah! Gay! Okay, Shadowtail's in jail, remember? So he doesn't care. Except he starts to talk to himself about how the world's going mad with all these homosexuals.

    12. Why is 6 (Hallow) afraid of 7 (Rowena)?

    This again? Erm... I'm not sure if Hallow or Rowena would be scared of each other. So... Maybe it's because he blew a big bubble and it got stuck on him. XD So now he's covered in bubble gum.

    13. 1 (Ru) arrives late for 2 (Jeriko) and 10 (Whisper)'s wedding. What happens and why were they late?

    Jeriko says it's fine while Whisper melts at the site of Ru. (He's got a bit of a crush on her ya know?) And Ru.... She was late cause Shade was busy finding a cure for her zombieness. Which was never found so Ru eats Jerry's and Whisp's brains out. XD

    14. 5 (Circe) and 9 (Ruko) get roaring drunk and end up at your house. What happens?

    I would go, "Oh. My. Zaire." and die. Circe would explode, and Ruko would steal all my chocolate coins thinking they were real money. XD

    15. 9 (Ruko) murders 2's (Jeriko) best friend. What does two do to get back at them?

    Jeriko, being the zombie that he now is, eats Ruko's brain (If he has one) out. XD

    16. 6 (Hallow) and 1 (Ru) are in mortal danger. Does six save themselves or one?

    Himself. Cause Ru, in the eyes of GUN, is a weak, spineless mutt who is a failed project. That and Ru's a bit annoying and whiny. And Hallow doesn't really like Ru and is a bit cold-hearted like Savage. So yeah, himself.

    17. 8 (Shadowtail) and 3 (Cecil) go camping and somehow forget to bring food. What do they do?

    Shadowtail tells Cecil to fish for some food while he goes and gets berries. Cecil dies by a giant fish eating him and Shadowtail finds poisonous berries and almost dies; thanks to a Forest Ranger! =D

    18. 5 (Circe) is in a car crash and is critically injured. What does 9 (Ruko) do?

    Ruko steals Circe's hard drive, thinking it's some kinda new "futuristic" credit card.

    And lo! The meme is over! Now you can either do this for free, or tag someone and make them do it! >=D

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